National Security

Excellent news: Jimmy Carter thinks Bolton as national security adviser is ‘a disaster for our country’

By Dan Calabrese Your job is to advise the president of the United States on threats and challenges from the world’s bad actors. A man who has made a habit for nearly 40 years of


Democrats in total meltdown as Trump proposes asking Census respondents if they’re citizens

By Dan Calabrese Seems like the sort of thing you’d want to know, but what do I know? Democrats expect you to let them subject you to under-oath rectal exams if you appear before a


VIDEO: Bill Maher launches sexist attack on NRA’s Dana Loesch . . . and she responds

By Dan Calabrese Angie and I actually had a somewhat spirited discussion last night about whether Maher’s garbage was even worthy of Loesch’s response. There’s a school of thought that you don’t give trash like


In apparent effort to increase sales at local mom and pop gun shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods decides not to sell scary guns

By Robert Laurie