Oof: GDP growth only 2.3 percent in first quarter of 2018

By Dan Calabrese There are some concrete reasons for this, one of which is that the first quarter is usually the weakest for growth due to pulling back of consumer spending in the aftermath of

Law Enforcement

Ouch: Broward deputies vote 534-94 that they have no confidence in Sheriff Scott Israel

By Dan Calabrese That’s gonna leave a mark. It may not end his tenure as sheriff because it’s an elected position, so it’s not as simple as the county commission simply deciding to fire him.

Sexual Predators

BREAKING: Bill Cosby found guilty of felony sexual assault

By Dan Calabrese Tough news, but hardly surprising given what’s come out in recent years. I suppose this has had enough years to sink in that we’re past the shock of realizing how great the


Ronan Farrow: Hillary tried to cancel an interview because of my Harvey Weinstein investigation

By Robert Laurie Women were supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton. It didn’t matter if they agreed with her, they were commanded by left-wing media and politicos to support their sex by voting for the

Education Indoctrination

Witnesses say Stoneman Douglas teacher called pro-gun student Kyle Kashuv a ‘proto-Hitler’, demanded something be done about him

By Dan Calabrese Apparently the direct impetus for this was a tweet from Kashuv about going to the gun range, but you know there’s more to it than that. Kashuv has been the anti-Hogg ever


Hillary charging her own party millions of dollars for her email list – because she can, so of course she is

By Robert Laurie Once upon a time, Barack Obama lectured America. “At some point you’ve made enough money.”  In a way, that’s kind of a mantra for the Democratic Party. Unless they run Dem-friendly outlets


Sorry, not true: Kanye did not lose 9 million Twitter followers because he tweeted support for Trump

By Dan Calabrese I’m not so sure this would have been a happy story for the left if it was true. If one-third of a man’s Twitter followers decided to unfollow him because he expressed

Law Enforcement

VIDEO: Cops not having it as Democrat lobbyist tries to explain what a very important person she is

By Dan Calabrese I think honesty compels us to acknowledge that, in another circumstance, a self-important Republican is just as capable of acting like this. But today’s video is of a haughty, self-important Democrat, so


Sounds like SCOTUS is going to uphold Trump’s travel ban

By Dan Calabrese And they should, of course, because it’s clearly constitutional and Trump was clearly acting within his authority as president to enact it. The arguments of the left, led by lawyers for the

The Jews! The Jews!

WaPo Editorial Board: Hey, let’s give Trayon White a pass for saying Jews control the weather!

By Robert Laurie Back in March, I wrote about Trayon White.  In case you need a refresher, he’s the Washington DC Democrat Councilman who was pretty sure that a secret cabal of Jewish bankers had