Maxine Waters: ‘Comey has no credibility’ – except when he’s trashing Trump. Then, ‘I believe him’

By Robert Laurie As you probably know, Democrats can’t stand James Comey.  They think he’s an incompetent liar who’s in over his head and has tarnished the good name of the FBI.  He has no

Law Enforcement

Dallas Home Depot shooting: How about as much concern for these wounded cops as the Starbucks loiterers got?

By Dan Calabrese Last week two guys got handcuffed and removed from a Starbucks in Philadelphia because they didn’t want to order anything before occupying a table to wait for their friend. The Internet exploded

People Helping People

Near Detroit, this impromptu lineup of truckers help save the life of a man contemplating suicide

By Dan Calabrese This is an extraordinary story – not only of the quick thinking and compassion of police officers but also of the compassion of a random bunch of truck drivers, who had no


NRA enjoys record-obliterating donations in March – most from small donors

By Robert Laurie It feels like we hear the same message every day.  Everyone wants gun control. Everyone hates the “terrorist organization” known as the NRA.  The nation’s attitude is shifting toward the Democrats on

Waffle House Shooting

Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. got a congratulatory call from the mayor . . . whom he promptly invited to church

By Dan Calabrese Sadly it was too late to save the lives of Travis Reinking’s four victims, but that should in no way detract from the courage shown by James Shaw Jr. on Sunday at

Confirmation Votes

Two more red state Democrats back Pompeo’s confirmation as Secretary of State; UPDATE: Rand Paul too

By Dan Calabrese This looks like a done deal now. Joe Manchin of West Virginia got on board early yesterday, and Joe Donnelly of Indiana followed in the afternoon. They join Heidi Heitkamp of North

The Presidency

BREAKING: Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized

By Dan Calabrese A lot of people speculated that, after losing his wife of an astonishing 73 years . . . well, you know. No one is saying that’s what this is – indeed, this

Waffle House Shooting

BREAKING: Nashville-area police arrest suspect in Waffle House shooting

By Dan Calabrese They got him. A report moved just a few minutes ago from the New York Times that said he was caught in a wooded area. This was a coordinated effort by several


GQ Magazine: ‘You know, The Holy Bible is a totally overrated book. Try this instead….’

By Robert Laurie At one time, GQ was a men’s magazine about fashion and lifestyle. They’d offer advice on clothes, watches, cars – things of that nature. It was uniformly high-end, and they became the

North Korea

‘Almost speechless’: CNN forced to issue this stunned report as Kim Jong Un begins to open North Korea

By Robert Laurie We all know what CNN thinks of Donald Trump.  After the defeat of Hillary Clinton, they turned their network into a 24-7 drumbeat of shock, rage, hatred, derision and conspiracy theories –