Watch Nancy Pelosi and Ted Lieu vow to raise your taxes if Dems retake congress

By Robert Laurie As far as I’m concerned, virtually ALL tax cuts are good tax cuts. I am, with almost 100% certainty, sure that I can spend my money better than Washington.  So, if I

FBI Corruption

FBI still stonewalling crucial Steele dossier information request from August 2017 congressional subpoena

By Dan Calabrese It sounds like Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray may need to be summoned once again to Paul Ryan’s office for another round of “You Will Be Held in Contempt If You Don’t

People Being Dumb

Oof: 34 percent of Millennials aren’t sure the Earth is round

By Dan Calabrese No wonder Democrats want these people to vote in numbers as large as possible. They’ll believe anything – unless it’s true. My 17-year-old son, who assures me he’s a round-earther, thinks Kyrie


Trump: Props to Mexico for stopping the caravan, avoiding a ‘giant scene’ at the border

By Dan Calabrese Presumably after all the attention it got, border security would have been waiting and ready. You’d like to think that. As controversial as it’s now become in this country to simply enforce


When are you going to stand up for the majority!? Great video of gun owner goes viral after he tears into his city council and gun control advocates

By Robert Laurie I don’t have much to add to the following video except to say: “I bet the average law-abiding gun owner has said this a thousand times around their dinner table.” Also, I’d


Having exhausted all other scapegoats, Hillary returns to an old blame-game chestnut. ‘You know, I’d be President if it wasn’t for that James Comey letter’

By Robert Laurie A wise man once offered this bit of advice: “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be


Tennessee considers changing its state constitution to identify God as the only true source of liberty

By Dan Calabrese I’m not sure this is an exercise with a direct, practical application in the sense that it changes any policy or anyone’s life if it happens. But that’s not to say Tennessee


Judge tosses PragerU’s censorship suit against YouTube . . . and it’s hard to argue with her

By Dan Calabrese This probably isn’t the news you want to hear about this, and it probably isn’t the take you want to hear either. PragerU, the conservative organization headed by Dennis Prager that produces


Hillary: Fox News is trying to impeach me!

By Dan Calabrese I think she’s the one someone needs to explain reality to, but hey, Hillary gonna Hillary. She tries to turn it on Fox News, of course, by making it sound like they’re

Media Bias

This one tweet tells you everything you’ll ever need to know about Bill Kristol – Michelle Obama 2020!?

By Robert Laurie Once upon a time, Bill Kristol was basically synonymous with the “conservative movement.”  Those days are long, long, loooooong gone. Whatever conservative cache he once had has been piddled away in an