Media Bias

Eating their own: Ed Schultz says he was fired because MSNBC was in the tank for Hillary

By Robert Laurie Remember Ed Schultz?  No? Really? Wow.  How time flies.  Ed Schultz was an MSNBC host (and hardcore leftist) who was famous for his outlandish rants.  At one point, he was one of

Religious Persecution

Turkey begins show-trial of U.S. pastor it’s holding hostage for being a Christian

By Dan Calabrese The only difference between Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Ruhollah Khomeini is the number of American hostages each Islamic tyrant is responsible for holding. Khomeini had more hostages, but Erdoğan’s kidnapping of Pastor Andrew Brunson

Botanical Murder

Left now trying to blame Trump for killing plants in Hawaii

By Dan Calabrese So let me get this straight: We could save taxpayers more than $1 million a year and all that will go wrong is that 200 “plant species” will die out in Hawaii?

Free Speech

Ace Hardware: Come to think of it, we’re not pulling our ads from Laura Ingraham’s show after all

By Dan Calabrese How quickly can David Hogg sic his fans on every single one of Ace Hardware’s vendors via Twitter? Assuming he hasn’t lost interest in being the Anthony Fremont of the modern age,

FBI Corruption

Did James Comey just accuse himself of obstruction of justice? No room left under the bus!

By Robert Laurie First, James Comey threw Hillary Clinton under the bus by listing all of her many crimes – even if he decided no prosecutor would ever take the case. Then, he threw Loretta


Washington Post: Uh, guys, that ‘blue wave’ seems to be disappearing…

By Robert Laurie Democrats are counting on a massive “blue wave” in November. After the devastating, disastrous, defeat of Hillary Clinton, they desperately need something – anything – to prove to themselves that their ideology


Democrat nonsense on the Syria attack is even more absurd than normal

By Herman Cain No action against Syria for its chemical attack on its own people was not an option. The president and his advisors made that very clear. But no matter what decision was made

Today in Racism!

If anyone in that Philly incident was racist, it was Starbucks, not the cops

By Dan Calabrese My leading theory is that no one here was being racist at all. Someone was just being very inflexible about a customers-only policy and the people on the other end of the


Russians strike out at UN: Only China, Bolivia vote for resolution condemning attack on Syria

By Dan Calabrese They should have started the resolution with a condemnation of Israel. That would probably have gotten them at least a few more votes. But it’s not been a good day for Russia


Pentagon: Airstrike on Syria crippled chemical weapon infrastructure, with no damage inflicted by Syria or Russia

By Dan Calabrese It’s been awhile since we did something like this, so it’s worthwhile to remember the days of Baghdad Bob and other enemy propagandists, who assured us that America was being pounded and