Roseanne is the new Kaepernick – show cancelled after Valerie Jarrett ‘Apes’ tweet

By Robert Laurie I didn’t watch the Roseanne reboot. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the show the first time around, had no interest in seeing it come back, and I’m not going to shed


Overwhelming majority of Americans perfectly ok with calling MS-13 ‘Animals’

By Robert Laurie Sometimes I’m baffled about the things pollsters choose to examine.  I get polling policies or candidates, but stuff like this?  I’m shocked that anyone, anywhere, actually thought “hey we really need to


Democrats accidentally spend the weekend trashing Obama’s immigration policy

By Robert Laurie Republicans are monsters.  Donald Trump is a monster. Pretty much every conservative is a hateful bigot who despises the “other.”  Any and all possible actions that could – in any way –

North Korea

Nancy, the yapping is not helping

By Herman Cain Nancy Pelosi is the latest yapper about the potential meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un. She jumped right out declared President Trump’s decision to not hold the face to face


Consumer confidence in economy dips slightly over worries inflation will outpace wage gains

By Dan Calabrese Context is key here. Late last year, consumer confidence hit a record high of 101.4 in the aftermath of Trump’s election and the expectation of the tax cut/reform that ultimately happened. Since

People Being Dumb

Bullet dodged: Michigan offered Amazon $4 billion in tax breaks to locate second headquarter . . . got turned down

By Dan Calabrese Four billion dollars, huh? Let’s see, I’m one of about 9 million people who live in Michigan, but one of only about 3.8 million heads of household here. Rob is another. That


Trump announces Venezuela’s socialist thugs have released American Josh Holt after two years in captivity

By Dan Calabrese I hope we didn’t have to back off on the sanctions these lowlifes richly deserve, but we can deal with whatever price we paid when we learn what it is. For now,

Hollywood Degenerates

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer: Hey, Big Harv didn’t invent the casting couch, you know

By Dan Calabrese I guess this is one of those things where the PR guy is going to be horrified at what the lawyer decides to say, but the lawyer doesn’t care. His job is

North Korea

Trump: Hey, maybe we’ll do that North Korea summit on June 12 after all

By Dan Calabrese What? No one was surprised when the Norks responded to the cancellation last night with a groveling plea that they’d still like to meet. Nancy Pelosi notwithstanding, Bowl Cut Jr. has gotten


Obama jabs Trump: says his administration ‘didn’t have scandals’

By Robert Laurie Obama has once again repeated his claim that his administration was scandal free.  So, off the top of my head… Benghazi, IRS targeting, passing Obamacare based on the ‘ignorance of the American