Are you ready for ObamaTV? Netflix and 44 have a deal . . .

By Dan Calabrese We’ve known for several months that this was in the works, and today Netflix made it official. It makes perfect sense to me that Obama would be involved in producing fictional stories.


DNC pads disastrous April fundraising report – still the lowest midterm amount in 12 years

By Robert Laurie The “Blue Wave” is coming, everyone.  It’s going to roll across California, flood the deserts, swamp the Rocky mountains, and then drench everything from Kansas to Maine.  There’s simply no stopping it,

Mueller Investigation

Former top Bill & Hillary advisor begs for end to Russia probe – ‘to protect us all’

By Robert Laurie If you have a hazy recollection of the name Mark Penn, congratulations.  You’ve been following politics for at least two decades. Penn was a pollster, and high-level advisor to Bill Clinton throughout


Socialist thug Nicolas Maduro ‘wins’ Venezuelan ‘elections’ while people flee and starve

By Dan Calabrese You realize it’s not a real election when political opposition is put in jail, and when the only party that has any sort of legal status controls everything from the polling to

FBI Corruption

Trump to Justice Department: How about investigating the Obama FBI having a mole infiltrate my campaign?

By Dan Calabrese Why yes, how about it? And there are really only two questions we need the answers to where this is concerned: Was there really a legitimate criminal case, based on reliable evidence,

School Shootings

Mother: Texas school shooter targeted one of his victims after she rejected his ‘aggressive advances’ at least four times

By Dan Calabrese I’m inclined to say the sexual revolution is more responsible for this one than the Second Amendment. It sounds to me like this guy was an “incel,” and he didn’t like it

School Shootings

BREAKING: School shooter arrested in Santa Fe, Texas; sheriff confirms ‘multiple casualties’

By Dan Calabrese UPDATE: Local media cites a source who says at least 8 people were killed in the shooting. We’re very early in the reporting here, and you know how that goes. You need


Hillary: ‘We are going to take back the country’ – wait, I thought that was racist, or unpatriotic, or …something

By Robert Laurie Saying horrible things like “take back our country” used to be racist.  It used to be regressive, bigoted, un-patriotic, backwards, and, well, deplorable. It was a sign that you were just too


Corporate leaders say Trump tax cut should lead to record business investment this year

By Dan Calabrese This is one of the major benefits we tried to tell the rest of the world would come from the tax cut. It was hard to get the message across when most


BREAKING: Gina Haspel confirmed as first female CIA Director

By Robert Laurie I’ll give them this:  They really tried their best to torpedo the first female CIA Director.  It was a valiant effort but, in the end, the left-wing smears were not enough to