Hillary endorses Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon – is she headed for a ‘special place in hell?’

By Robert Laurie Let’s get one thing straight.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a damn about supporting women. In fact, she doesn’t really care about anything.  To the Clintons, every single issue is a talking point

North Korea

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi tries her best to explain the ‘giggle fit’ Kim Jong Un must be having over the canceled summit

By Dan Calabrese It’s always perilous to try to attach logic to anything Nancy Pelosi says, but in this case I’d say it’s instructive to parse it. The left has been pretty united in pushing

Self-Driving Cars

Uber’s self-driving car killed Arizona woman because auto-brake system had been disabled

By Dan Calabrese Obvious question: If the auto-brake can be disabled, how can you be sure it’s enabled when you need it to be? Also, if you’d disable it to “prevent erratic driving,” then how

North Korea

Trump kills the North Korea summit – hours after Pyongyang destroys its nuclear tunnels

By Robert Laurie If you read any news this morning, you probably saw that Pyongyang had – allegedly – blown up the tunnels that that made up the bulk of its nuclear testing facility at

Adulthood - Like It Or Not

Judge sides with parents, orders 30-year-old deadbeat son to leave their home

By Dan Calabrese How bad is this case? They guy is too old even to stay on their health insurance under ObamaCare! It doesn’t get much worse than that. This guy, whose name is Michael

Anthem Kneelers

New NFL policy: Either stand for the anthem or stay in the locker room

By Dan Calabrese The Kaepernick sympathizers and cop-haters are not going to like this. Your protest does no good if it gets no attention, and you can’t get any attention if you’re standing around where

North Korea

Mike Pompeo: The NK summit is still a go, and VP Pence threatens Kim Jong Un with ‘the Libyan model’

By Robert Laurie Over the course of the last two weeks, the media has been rife with “will they, won’t they” stories about the forthcoming meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean Bowl Cut


Tucker obliterates Dem Rep. calling for prosecution of gun owners who refuse confiscation

By Robert Laurie As I’ve written a hundred times now, “no one wants to take away your guns” has always been the left’s most easily identifiable lie.  Yesterday, I posted this piece discussing a magazine editor

The Regulatory State

Trump, Congress finalize deal to roll back some of Dodd-Frank . . . but not as much as they should have

By Dan Calabrese The worst thing to come out of the mortgage market meltdown of 2008 was not the economic impact itself. That was always going to mitigate itself over time. The worst thing was

FBI Corruption

Trump brokers meeting between DOJ leaders, congressional Republicans to settle standoff over subpoena stonewalling

By Dan Calabrese I don’t really see what settlement there needs to be, other than, “Department of Justice complies fully with congressional subpoenas.” But you have to say this: Every time the DOJ offers an