Former Dem Sen. Robert Torricelli: Dems don’t deserve to govern, because their message isn’t good enough

By Robert Laurie There are a lot of reasons Democrats don’t deserve to govern.  Their ideas are horrible, they trend toward the destruction of the constitution at every opportunity, your rights are an annoyance to

Federal Spending

Trump to send $15 billion in spending rescissions later today

By Dan Calabrese You can argue it would have been better not to sign the Omnibus in the first place, but this will be a very positive end result if he can get it through

Iran Nuclear Deal

Trump to announce decision on Iran nuclear deal today

By Dan Calabrese Mark your calendars: The announcement will come from the White House at 2 p.m. My guess is you can predict what Trump will announce by Benjamin Netanyahu’s mood in the hours leading


NRA names its new president . . . and it’s Oliver North

By Dan Calabrese Because the left apparently didn’t have enough reasons to be bonkers with rage against the National Rifle Association. Ollie North is probably getting a bit long in the tooth as a conservative

War on Terror

If Gina Haspel tortured Al Qaeda terrorists to stop further attacks, why aren’t we applauding her?

By Dan Calabrese I’d go through the painstaking process of explaining to you what happens when terrorists do their thing. But if I mention 9/11, I’ll be accused of “politicizing” it. If I mention ISIS,

Media Bias

Reuters: Wow! Trump did really well in our new poll – so it must be an outlier and we’re sorry

By Robert Laurie From time to time, I’ll refer to a mainstream media piece that contains good news for the Trump administration.  Often, I’ll write something like: It must kill them to report this.  That’s

Liberals Slip And Admit It

Desperate to stay relevant, Michael Moore wishes Karl Marx a happy birthday – compares him to Jesus

By Robert Laurie Michael Moore is in rough shape, and I’m not just talking about his physical condition. He’s a had a terrible couple of years. His Broadway show went down in flames, the man

Mueller Investigation

Why Trump would be crazy not to take the Fifth, on every single question, if he gives Mueller an interview (which he shouldn’t)

By Dan Calabrese Some of you are probably looking for my past columns about people like Lois Lerner and Martin Shkreli taking the Fifth in congressional testimony, and my belief that it was a clear


Petty to the end, McCain makes it known he doesn’t want Trump to attend his funeral

By Dan Calabrese Say, isn’t it a tad presumptuous to think he’d plan to anyway? But that’s John McCain, petty and vindictive right to the end. This is a guy who will go on all

Mueller Investigation

Whoa: Judge goes off on Mueller staff prosecutor, says he’s only prosecuting Manafort for bank fraud to try to hurt Trump

By Dan Calabrese This has been the presumption for some time, of course. Robert Mueller wasn’t appointed to prosecute bank fraud cases. He was appointed to find out if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.