Elizabeth Warren inspires: You’re ‘angry and scared’ so vote Democrat!

By Robert Laurie Earlier, I posted a clip of a CNN panel in which the network discussed the fact that Dems have nothing positive on which to run.  The party’s entire existence is built around


CNN on 2018 midterms: Dems nervous, have nothing but hate to combat Trump’s rising poll numbers

By Robert Laurie We’ve talked quite a bit about the alleged “blue wave.” Democrats claim the 2018 midterms are going to be swamped by a massive left-wing tsunami that will wash Republicans out to a

FBI Corruption

From the Strzok/Page texts: ‘The White House is running this’

By Dan Calabrese It’s been my contention for some time that the FBI’s 2016 involvement in both the Hillary e-mail investigation and the Trump/Russia investigation were essentially political operations directed by the Obama White House.

War on Terror

Oy: Haspel mouthing the torture-regret script in order to win Democrat confirmation votes

By Dan Calabrese At least it’s working. I suppose it would be even worse if she was saying these things and the Democrats still took her down. And hey, the vote’s still a few days

North Korea

Here we go: North Korea threatens to pull out of Trump-Kim summit

By Dan Calabrese There’s one basic problem you have when you try to do business with the Kim regime in North Korea. It’s just this one small problem. The problem? They’re all completely insane. Oh,


Totally moderate Gazan brags about flying swastikas on firebomb kites, says they ‘want to burn’ Jews

By Robert Laurie Because violent, rioting, Gazans are so incredibly moderate, the American media has decided to turn them into folk heroes.  Their armed attacks have been presented as “protests” that employ “only small weapons”

Liberals Slip And Admit It

Miami Herald columnist: We don’t need to understand you awful, white, Christian Trump supporters

By Dan Calabrese This is one of those columns that’s instructive insofar as it represents what almost all liberals think, but most believe it’s too perilous to actually express publicly. Not Leonard Pitts. He’s had

American Black Conservatives

THIS is the pro-Trump video you big dummies need to see!

By Robert Laurie Quincy Jones has no love for President Donald Trump, though he does claim to have dated First Daughter Ivanka.  So, I have no idea what he thinks of this Pro-Trump take on

International Relations

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem officially opens, President Trump issues video statement

By Robert Laurie Today, after decades of delays, President Trump finally fulfilled a promise made way back in 1995 when Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act.  Passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, the Act ordered the

Media Bias

MSNBC hot take: ‘I don’t know the difference between Baghdad Bob and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’

By Robert Laurie The left looks at the very existence of this administration as a personal failure. SHE was never supposed to lose. Come hell or high water, Hillary Clinton was going to become President