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Herman on Fox & Friends: About Obama’s admission that Democrats should be concerned

By Herman Cain Obama’s self-regard knows no bounds, but he’s not wrong in this case – although he’s somewhat wrong about the reason for it. Democrats do not have a positive message and the voters

Supreme Court

For fark’s sake, the Garland nomination was spiked over ideological balance on the court, not because it was an election year

By Dan Calabrese One of the reasons Republicans tend to lose in public debates is that, even when they’re on the right side and doing the right thing, they don’t seem willing to defend their


Obama regrets that Dems are waiting for a candidate as amazing and awesome and beloved as he was

By Robert Laurie Alternate headline: “It’s all about me.” Barack Obama is concerned.  He thinks Democrats should be concerned. No, not about Trump (though we’re sure he worries about the elimination of his legacy) and

Supreme Court

Democrats already losing their cookies in objection to Trump’s non-existent SCOTUS nominee

By Herman Cain President Trump has not even named a SCOTUS nominee yet, and the Democrats and liberal media are in full Fear Factor mode. They want to scare people into believing that anyone he


Likely number of abortions that will be prevented by a strict constructionist replacing Anthony Kennedy: Zero

By Dan Calabrese I actually dealt with this in the aftermath of the 2012 election, and many of you mistook what I said for a move to the pro-choice camp. That will never happen. I


Kamala Harris: Trump’s SCOTUS pick will mean ‘the complete destruction’ of the Constitution

By Robert Laurie If you spent any time on the interwebs yesterday, you were treated to a left-wing meltdown the likes of which we haven’t seen since Election Night 2016.  After a brutal week of

Real People

What I heard on vacation from real people is nothing like what you hear on the news

By Herman Cain We just returned from a week of vacation. We encountered dozens of people who were complimentary of conservative (fewer taxes, less government, more individual responsibility) points of view expressed on my radio

Supreme Court

What to expect in Kennedy successor confirmation hearings . . . and why it won’t be easy to get the kind of Justice we want

By Dan Calabrese I’m excited too. How could you not be? The prospect of a fifth Supreme Court Justice who is really committed to an originalist reading of the Constitution holds the prospect of far


Democratic Party chairman: SCOTUS ‘took away rights of American workers’ by not forcing them to pay union dues

By Dan Calabrese To them, this really makes sense. To them, there’s no irony whatsoever to this statement. How can that be? It’s because when Democrats talk about “rights,” they don’t really mean rights. The


Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy resigns – here’s President Trump’s Supreme Court list

By Robert Laurie As if the Democrats Hadn’t had enough bad news from the Supreme Court this week, Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement.  That means President Trump will get another bite at the