More winning: SCOTUS rules forced public sector union dues unconstitutional

By Robert Laurie As you’re probably aware, the Democratic Party has money troubles.  Their 2016 presidential candidate was an atrociously expensive failure, and they’ve been having serious trouble raising funds since her implosion. Back in


Death blow: SCOTUS inflicts mortal wound on unions, strikes down mandatory dues from those who don’t want to join

By Dan Calabrese We’ve thought for months that this might be coming, and both the public sector unions of America and their primary beneficiary – the Democratic Party – have been bracing for impact. BOOM.

America's Feminist Heroes

Linda Sarsour says MLK Jr. warned us about folks like …Chuck Schumer?

By Robert Laurie If you like watching leftists eat their own, 2018 is shaping up to be your year. After being shafted by their own party in 2016, the election and presidency of Donald Trump


BOOM: 10-term Democrat congressman Joe Crowley ousted in primary by 28-year-old socialist

By Dan Calabrese There was actually some talk that longtime New York Congressman Joe Crowley might have a shot at the House Speakership if the Democrats take the House this year, and if they finally

Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal

Liberal who booted Sarah Sanders has caused problems for restaurateurs across the country

By Dan Calabrese Smart people understand that politics is politics and business is business. Smart people also understand that the party thing isn’t personal. You can disagree with someone but you don’t treat them badly


SCOTUS rules in favor of Trump travel ban – so lefties rehash an old trope

By Robert Laurie If you thought the Democrat histrionics had been ramped up about as far as they could go, brace yourself.  As the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” This morning, in a


More truth from Maxine Waters: Schumer and Pelosi ‘don’t really say I’m out of line’

By Robert Laurie Ever since Maxine Waters made her comments calling for mobs to harass prominent Republicans, the media has been rife with stories about Democrats who are allegedly denouncing her.  The narrative is that

Media Bias

How the media lies to you with headlines like ‘Trump urges turning away immigrants’

By Dan Calabrese What does Donald Trump think about foreigners who want to immigrate to this country? He hates them, right? He thinks they’re dirty, smelly, lazy lawbreakers and he doesn’t want them here. That’s

Liberals Slip And Admit It

Maxine Waters calls for violence – openly says what the Democrat base already thinks

By Robert Laurie Maxine Waters is now the standard-bearer for her party’s base.  There’s simply no other way to say it.  Yes, we like to poke fun at her habit of sounding insane in public,


Sorry, George Will, but no. Voting Democrat because you don’t like Trump is absolutely imbecilic

By Robert Laurie Once upon a time, bow-tied ‘conservative’ titans roamed the Earth. They were staples of every Sunday news show for decades, their magazines and columns defined the bland, soft spoken, country-club civility of