Thought Police

Now the left is scrubbing the name of Laura Ingalls Wilder for being a racist or something

By Dan Calabrese Seriously, how far are they going to take this? Or perhaps more accurately, how far will they be able to take it before it all gets so patently ridiculous that the voting

Middle East

Jared Kushner correctly points out that Mahmoud Abbas is a worthless, terrorist liar

By Dan Calabrese This is one of those things where the most remarkable thing is that anyone thinks it’s remarkable. The Palestinian Authority under the “leadership” of Mahmoud Abbas has been a corrupt, inept mess.


Trump: When people enter the country illegally, deport them immediately without judges or court cases

By Dan Calabrese I don’t think he’s advocating this for every illegal immigrant already in the country, although that’s what the media will try to tell you he means. I think what he’s saying is

Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal

Restaurant owner orders Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave because . . . she’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders

By Dan Calabrese Yeah, it’s his right, at least as far as I’m concerned. It seems to me the left has an entirely different take when it comes to establishments that deal in “public accommodation,”


Hillary: America is being undermined by a plot consisting of xenophobic neo-Nazis led by Vladimir Putin

By Dan Calabrese Remember in the early months of Donald Trump’s presidency, when the media would routinely engage in amateur diagnoses of his mental health, based on things he said that struck them as strange,

Free Speech

ACLU finally admits it’s really only interested in protecting speech it agrees with

By Robert Laurie Anyone who’s spent any amount of time following national politics is aware of the capricious way the ACLU has pursued its alleged goal of supporting civil liberty.  It’s always been clear that

America's Feminist Heroes

Actress, NY gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon: ICE is a ‘terrorist organization’ – should be eliminated

By Robert Laurie Sometimes I feel sorry for New York.  There are places, well outside of NYC, where actual honest-to-goodness sane people live.  They don’t have much of voice in the state’s politics because the


Trump to congressional GOP: Forget about immigration reform until the mid-terms add lots more Republicans to your ranks

By Dan Calabrese The man believes in what’s possible. I suppose we would never have had The Apprentice if he didn’t. But I’m not sure how much difference it would make even if you got


San Francisco restaurant will have your burger made entirely by robots . . . with no human involvement whatsoever

By Dan Calabrese You wanted the $15 minimum wage! Economic activity does not happen in vacuums. You can’t force people to do things if it doesn’t make sense for them to do things. There will

Media Bias

Washington Post claims ‘zero tolerance’ immigration enforcement has been suspended; DOJ says no, and WaPo never talked to them

By Dan Calabrese This is what happens when you rely on anonymous sources talking out of turn. You’ve convinced yourself that these are the people who are giving you the real story in a clandestine