Tax Policy

Never mind: With disastrous results mounting, Seattle will repeal its new tax on employment

By Dan Calabrese It’s the New Coke of tax policy! (If you don’t know what that means, ask your parents. They’ll remember.) It’s not as if Seattle is about to become a beacon of small-government,

Anthem Kneelers

Tim Tebow: Stop using a photo of me praying to justify the anthem-kneelers

By Dan Calabrese This nonsense has been around for awhile, and it deserves to be knocked down, so we might as well let the man himself do it. No, Tim Tebow is not kneeling in

North Korea

Morning Joe and Mika praise Trump’s NK summit – and it kills them to do so

By Robert Laurie Look, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t nuts about Obama’s handling of the Castros, and I’m similarly not crazy about seeing the U.S. flag brush up against North Korea’s.  Kim Jong Un is


Huh. Rand Paul really was attacked over yard debris, according to attacker’s attorney

By Robert Laurie Political watchers will recall that, last fall, Rand Paul was attacked by his next-door neighbor.  While mowing his lawn, the Senator was blindsided by a savage tackle that broke six ribs – including


Parenting tip: Don’t transport your children in dog crates

By Robert Laurie You wouldn’t think anyone would need to say this, since it should just be common sense, but… Please. Do not use dog kennels to transport your children or grandchildren. That’s true 24/7,

North Korea

Trump, Bowl Cut Jr. sign piece of paper vowing to work on more pieces of paper

By Dan Calabrese It’s not Neville Chamberlain and “peace in our time” because we didn’t give him Czechoslovakia, which would have been a neat trick anyway since it no longer exists. But I’m not sure

Thought Police

Pathetic: Twitter’s CEO apologizes for eating at Chick-fil-A, because it’s ‘pride month’ or something

By Dan Calabrese It’s hard to feel sorry the guy. It’s his own monster that’s chomping at him. Besides, the entire premise of his needing to apologize is so idiotic, for him to actually treat

Voting Rights

Left apoplectic because SCOTUS let Ohio remove people from voter rolls who never vote anyway

By Dan Calabrese Is there anyone worth voting for in Ohio anyway? Whaddaya mean? John Kasich! You’re making my point for me. The liberal wing of the Supreme Court is waxing indignant today because its


The left wants their country to fail – as long as Trump takes the blame

By Robert Laurie Long time readers will know that I’ve often written of my belief that there’s absolutely nothing the left won’t sacrifice if it serves their broader agenda.  In the blink of an eye,

People Being Dumb

The two reasons Nancy Pelosi, for all her insanity, is not sent packing by her party

By Herman Cain First, Nancy Pelosi called employee bonuses resulting from the Trump tax cuts “crumbs”. Now she claims that record low unemployment is meaningless. Meaningless! Ask the person who is proud to now have