Mueller Investigation

Whether Trump can pardon himself is irrelevant; impeachment is the Constitution’s method for removing malevolent presidents

By Dan Calabrese This seems like a very dumb conversation to be having, and yet we’re having it, in part because the president himself and Rudy Giuliani seem to want to talk about it. Can

Anthem Kneelers

Trump cancels Eagles’ visit to White House over anthem-kneeling dispute

By Dan Calabrese I’m not sure I get this one. It’s true that fewer than half the Eagles were planning to attend – and a few were very vocal about it, such as the obnoxiously

Religious Persecution

Colorado civil rights commissioners were so comically hostile to Jack Phillips’s faith, even Kagan and Breyer found in his favor

By Dan Calabrese This is one of those good news/bad news things, and it’s an example of how you have to really study a Supreme Court ruling to understand its broader implications. On the one

Religious Persecution

Jack Phillips wins! SCOTUS rules Christian baker’s rights were violated when Colorado tried to force him to bake gay wedding cake

By Dan Calabrese Very good and very important news out of the Supreme Court this morning. Also, hilariously, NPR tries to persuade us that a 7-2 decision is a “narrow” one. Nope. But more importantly,


Bill Clinton is pressed about Monica Lewinsky & #MeToo – brags about his support of women, repeats Hillary’s ‘dead broke’ line

By Robert Laurie As Mika Brzezinski said on Morning Joe, “We’ve been waiting decades” for this.  In a new interview, The Today Show’s Craig Melvin pressed Bill Clinton on the Monica Lewinsky scandal, abuse of


Smart CEOs aren’t sweating the search for workers; they’re focused on productivity

By Herman Cain When the unemployment rate was reported to have hit a new low-low of 3.8 percent for May, the usual expectation by some media folks is that employers will have a hard time


Pelosi’s new talking point: record low unemployment is meaningless

By Robert Laurie Friday’s jobs report has been met with virtually universal praise. The demographic breakdowns are consistently strong, matching or exceeding the high-water marks set prior to the collapse in 2000, While African-American, Hispanic,


Does this video prove that President Trump has accepted Christ?

By Dan Calabrese Contrary to what you hear from some of our more condescending friends, most Christians who voted for and support Donald Trump are under no illusions about him. We know he is deeply


In December, the UN sent a ‘human rights investigator’ to America, and his damning report is forthcoming

By Dan Calabrese You should all be ashamed of yourselves. The United Nations says so. Six months ago, the UN sent a “human rights investigator” to find out if the poor are worse off under


Here are three conservatives who can win in California, and deserve your support (including one who can take down Maxine Waters)

By Herman Cain Last week I was in California to give two speeches to two different Republican groups. One was in Fresno and the other group in LaQuinta. They were both well attended, and they