During testimony, ICE official has to teach Dem Senator Hirono that illegal immigrants do, in fact, break the law

By Robert Laurie There are times, brief though they may be, when I think there’s hope. No, I don’t hope that one political side or the other will emerge victorious and preside over a newly

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Eyeroll: Bill Kristol to challenge Trump in 2020 primaries?

By Robert Laurie If you’re part of the NeverTrump crowd, you probably think Bill Kristol is a conservative stalwart who’s sticking to his principles via an endless anti-Trump diatribe.  If you’re a Trump loyalist, you

Trade Policy

U.S. tariffs are starting to hurt China’s economy, and the Politburo is getting worried about it

By Dan Calabrese Alternate headline: World still has communist countries with politburos. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it, but I’m getting flashbacks to the days when Leningrad and Stalingrad were still cities. I

Media Bias

Media commences all-out campaign against indexing capital gains as ‘tax cut for the super-rich’

By Dan Calabrese We told you several weeks ago that this is under consideration, and we explained the economic benefits of the move. Indexing capital gains for inflation would simply tax the gains in a

Thought Police

Teenager made stupid tweets years ago: Why is this a news story, media?

By Dan Calabrese It’s not news. At all. It doesn’t matter who the teenager is or was. It doesn’t matter if a guy who was a 17-year-old idiot eight years ago is now a 25-year-old

Socialism Kills

$32 Trillion – ‘That’s trillion with a T.’ – The Associated Press notices how expensive single payer would be

By Robert Laurie Socialism. Embracing it is America’s hot new left-wing trend.  Most people aren’t dumb enough to buy in, but it does have a foothold on the coasts.  Despite the abject unworkability of their

Socialism Kills

Nothing new: Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, ‘let’s raise taxes to pay for all this free-but-not-free stuff!’

By Robert Laurie Democrats love to portray Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as something new.  She’s not just a socialist, she’s the “young fresh face of her party.” She’s the “future” of the Democratic movement.  She’s

Christians and Trump

Why Christians who voted for Trump aren’t moved by the latest salacious stories

By Dan Calabrese The way I often hear it is this: “If any other president paid hush money to a porn star, Christians would be horrified. But with Donald Trump, they excuse it and don’t

Socialism Kills

Socialism is bankrupt

By Herman Cain “Socialism is a philosophy that, at best, has proven to be ideologically bankrupt, having failed to produce anything close to a free-market system. At worst, it is a weapon for petty thug-tyrants

Media Bias

Reuters tries its best to ‘fact check’ Trump’s declaration that the economy is strong

By Dan Calabrese Generally speaking we regard things like 4.1 percent GDP growth as data, also known as “facts.” Not matters of opinion. GDP growth of 4.1 percent is very strong. It’s a good thing.