Trade Policy

VIDEO: Hear the highlights of Trump’s interview with The Sun that everyone is losing their minds over

By Dan Calabrese You’re hearing a lot about this today, and it’s supposed to be this bonkers rant in which Trump says crazy things about Brexit, trade deals and Theresa May – creating all kinds

FBI Corruption

Texas GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe obliterates Strozk claim that his personal opinions were kept separate from his work

By Robert Laurie If you’ve been on any of the various social media platforms this morning, you’ve seen Dems jumping through hoops to defend disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok.  It’s completely ridiculous, but there’s simply

Kavanaugh Nomination

Media trying pretty hard (and failing very badly) to find women who will go #MeToo on Brett Kavanaugh

By Dan Calabrese I really don’t know why Democrats pay good money to dirtbags like Glenn Simpson. The media are more than willing to do their oppo research for them, no charge, and they’ll play

FBI Corruption

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) tells Peter Strzok he deserves a purple heart

By Robert Laurie As you watch the following clip, please keep one thing in mind.  The Purple Heart is given to honor service men and women who have been injured or killed in combat.  It

FBI Corruption

VIDEO: Louis Gohmert asks Strzok how many times he looked into his wife’s eyes and lied to her too

By Dan Calabrese There’s a lot going on here, and yet these two minutes encapsulate the flavor of the whole thing about as well as anything could. The first thing you’ll notice is how desperately

FBI Corruption

Strzok testimony begins with blistering assault from Gowdy, then devolves into the usual congressional weak sauce

By Robert Laurie Despite the fact that we never expect much to come out of these hearings, we were glued to C-Span here at Cain HQ.  At first, we weren’t disappointed. Strzok is as smarmy


Sorry, but you’re not getting President ‘The Rock.’ Not in 2020, at least.

By Robert Laurie For a long time – years in fact – we’ve heard rumblings that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants to run for President.  He recently admitted considering it and, every so often, we

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Stay classy, Hollywood: George Lopez urinates on Trump’s Walk of Fame star while cameras roll

By Dan Calabrese I guess he doesn’t mind that you think of him as a dick. We share this advisedly, but it’s one of those things there’s no point ignoring. It’s where the culture is,

Kavanaugh Nomination

Dem Joe Manchin: Kavanaugh a ‘very fine person’ with ‘all the right qualities’

By Robert Laurie Imagine you’re a leftist Democrat. I know it’s horribly unpleasant, but don’t worry. I won’t make you do this for long. Just imagine you’re a leftist Democrat. You just lost what you

FBI Corruption

Peter Strzok: All this scrutiny of my texts with my mistress is a victory for Vladimir Putin

By Dan Calabrese This sort of harkens back to the post-9/11 days, doesn’t it? “If we submit ourselves to additional security restrictions, the terrorists win!” That’s right, every time you have to put your hands