Here’s why the fundamentals of the economy suggest strong growth could be with us for awhile

By Dan Calabrese I’m as happy as the next guy that the economy grew 4.1 percent in the second quarter. It’s the most important outcome we wanted to see from the tax cut, deregulation, energy


Cousin Eddie has started reading Trump’s tweets – and it’s really, really, REALLY bizarre

By Robert Laurie I love pop culture.  If you’re read the site over the years, you know that.  I think the greatest mistake conservatives ever made was abandoning the pop culture space in favor of


SOLID: Second quarter GDP growth comes in at 4.1 percent

By Dan Calabrese It’s not the scorching 5.0 percent or more that we envisioned in our fondest dreams. It’s not the 4.5 percent that might have prompted us to throw a party. But 4.1 percent

FBI Corruption

Ryan opposes Rosenstein impeachment resolution; Meadows acknowledges he doesn’t have the votes

By Dan Calabrese The whole thing sort of had the feel of a stunt from the beginning. Not that you couldn’t make the case Rod Rosenstein deserved to be impeached after his repeated flouting of


The ObamaCare tally: 5 million more sign up for private insurance, 24 million more go on Medicaid

By Dan Calabrese Congratulations, taxpayers. You wanted everybody to be able to get health insurance, and in 2008 you voted for the party that said it was time to give them access to it. They

Religious Persecution

Trump threatens to impose ‘significant sanctions’ on Turkey if Pastor Andrew Brunson is not released immediately

By Dan Calabrese As he should, and probably should have some time ago. But that doesn’t make it any less the right move now. We told you about Pastor Brunson’s situation back in April. The


Zuckerberg loses almost $17 Billion as Facebook shares plunge – investors looking to force him out

By Robert Laurie If you’re looking for someone to blame all of Facebook’s current woes on its painfully obvious political bias, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Certainly, it’s clear that the decision to send conservative

Destroying People For Sport

Idiot unties Betsy DeVos’s boat, sets it adrift in Lake Erie

By Dan Calabrese I was going to say “leftist loon,” but I’ll be a better man than Paul Krugman and wait until we find out if politics really was a factor. I have my theory

Media Bias

Once again: Reuters says Trump accuses Twitter of targeting conservatives ‘without offering evidence,’ then cites Trump’s evidence

By Dan Calabrese This is getting as annoying as the media’s self-congratulatory “fact-checking” genre. We’re seeing it pretty much every day now. It’s the “Trump says (fill in the blank) without offering evidence” genre. A

Destroying People For Sport

Cory Booker: If you support Kavanaugh’s nomination, you’re “complicit in the evil”

By Robert Laurie Democrats think this is helping their cause. They think that, if they say something enough, the media will repeat it ad nauseum and eventually people will believe it. No matter how crazy