Trade Policy

U.S. slams China with more tariffs, which is running out of retaliation options

By Dan Calabrese My theory all along on the Trump tariffs have been that they’re a hammer designed to force trade concessions. They’re not Trump’s preferred policy, but they’re the mechanism he thinks he needs

FBI Corruption

Ryan: We’re ‘very disturbed’ that Lisa Page has defied a congressional subpoena

By Robert Laurie Listen.  I’m glad Paul Ryan is “very disturbed” that disgraced FBI attorney Lisa Page has defied a congressional subpoena. He should be.  Page was supposed to appear this morning and, apparently, decided

Kavanaugh Nomination

Game already over: Enjoy this clip of media lefties acknowledging how great Kavanaugh is

By Robert Laurie Yesterday, I offered this collection of left-wingers indulging in a pre-planned freakout over the Kavanaugh nomination.  This morning, Dan shared a video of some of the same politically-neutered folks screeching and wailing

Kavanaugh Nomination

Here’s why the left’s anti-Kavanaugh strategy is not going to work

By Herman Cain Predictably, the Democrats in Congress and other liberals went ape-crap when President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. From an announced list of 25 candidates many months ago, the

NATO Summit

VIDEO: At NATO summit, Trump goes off on Germany for being ‘totally controlled by Russia’

By Dan Calabrese What really strikes me about this clip is the weakness of the response. You can quibble if you want about the substance of Trump’s complaint or whether it was the right forum

Kavanaugh Nomination

VIDEO compilation: Democrats absolutely losing their minds over Brett Kavanaugh

By Dan Calabrese It’s not even so much that the gap is so wide between the reality of Brett Kavanaugh and their apparent concept of him. Imagining this guy as the destroyer of rights and

Supreme Court

A long-term, conservative SCOTUS majority: We might need one more retirement to get it

By Dan Calabrese I would like nothing better than for Clarence Thomas to live forever and to serve on the Supreme Court until it’s no longer needed because Jesus Christ has commenced His thousand-year reign.

Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal

Left-wing meltdown: Kavanaugh will kill millions, implement Sharia law, ban contraception, reduce wages, destroy voting rights!

By Robert Laurie At the top of this page, you’ll see a picture of Cory Booker surrounded by “Stop Kavanaugh” signs. This image was posted on Twitter at roughly 9:13 PM last night. Considering the

Thailand Cave Rescue

SUCCESS: All 12 boys and their coach are safely out of the cave in Thailand

By Dan Calabrese You prayed. God answered. People worked hard and took tremendous risks. All because every life matters. And in the end, not a single life was lost, nor was anyone forced to spend

Media Bias

CNN’s Chris Cillizza makes an absolute fool of himself amid Kavanaugh nomination

By Robert Laurie Let’s face it.  If you work for CNN, you’re part of a machine that’s pushing a very specific agenda. Your goal is to attack, demonize, and bring down the presidency of Donald