Kavanaugh Nomination

VIDEO: Gregg Jarrett, Sebastian Gorka preview the left’s smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh

By Dan Calabrese “This is going to be worse than Robert Bork.” If you’re not old enough to remember how despicable that was, strap in. Chuck Schumer has already announced that he will oppose Schumer

Supreme Court

Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh for U.S. Supreme Court

By Dan Calabrese I guess in the end it didn’t matter to Trump that Kavanaugh served in the hated Bush Administration. The Federalist Society is excited about him, most of the base adores him and

Supreme Court

Strategically, Barrett is Trump’s best choice for SCOTUS. Here’s why: Hint . . . think midterms, 2020

By Robert Laurie Tonight at 9PM, President Trump will unveil his next Supreme Court nominee. That person will, immediately, be reviled by the left. They will be branded a racist, a misogynist, a Nazi, a


Democrat complaints sounding pretty ridiculous as the good news keeps rolling in

By Herman Cain The liberals are louder with their outrageous rhetoric and ignorant protests, but conservative and free-market principles are driving more good news, pound for pound, than the liberal noise chambers. It starts with

Trump Being Trump

So what if Trump made fun of George H.W. Bush’s ‘thousand points of light’?

By Dan Calabrese I don’t like everything Donald Trump says, and sometimes I think he draws fire to himself gratuitously and for no good reason. I’m all about challenging long-standing convention, but not about being


New York Post identifies dark-horse Democrat contender who sure seems to act like she’s running for president

By Dan Calabrese You didn’t really think she would give up the ghost, did you? No one here is saying she’s going to win, or even that she’s a strong bet to win the nomination.

Thailand Cave Rescue

Great news: Six of the 12 Thai schoolboys have been successfully rescued from the cave

By Dan Calabrese Great news on two fronts. First, obviously, six of the boys are safe. Second, the successful rescue of the first six boys shows that the rescue plan is viable, and that the

Thailand Cave Rescue

U.S. divers to join rescue of Thai soccer team that could happen as soon as today

By Dan Calabrese They really have no choice. As extreme as the idea seemed to leave them in there for months until the water recedes, you had to consider it when you took into account

Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal

Police arrest 30-year-old jerk who threw drink in teenager’s face because of MAGA hat (and Green Party kicks him out)

By Dan Calabrese His name is Kino Jiminez. He’s 30 years old, and he threw a drink in a teenager’s face because he didn’t like his Make America Great Again hat. You’ve probably seen the

Iran Nuclear Deal

Europeans offer Iran ‘package’ to compensate for U.S. sanctions; mad mullahs say it’s not enough

By Dan Calabrese Remember the chortling over President Trump’s decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal? It was at once the end of the world and also a complete joke, because the deal was made