Trade Policy

Trump, EU chief agree to work toward deal eliminating tariffs, barriers and subsidies in trade

By Dan Calabrese Well this sounds good, except that it’s not a deal so much as it’s a deal agreeing to make a deal. I suppose that’s better than a trade war, or at least


BREAKING: GOP Congressmen introduce resolution to impeach Rod Rosenstein

By Robert Laurie For weeks, we’ve been hearing rumors that impeachment proceedings against Rod Rosenstein were right around the corner.  Well, welcome to the other side of the corner.  Tonight, conservatives in the House of Representatives introduced a

Socialism Kills

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Republicans are making fun of me because they’re afraid!

By Robert Laurie By now, you’re aware of “Democratic Socialist” and “young fresh face of the Democratic Party,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some left-wing media suck-up who’s singing her praises.

Space Exploration

Scientists discover 12-mile-long lake under the surface of Mars

By Dan Calabrese I’m not sure this means we’ll soon be making contact with Uncle Martin or Gazoo, you dum dums. There may not be any life on Mars at all, and Rob is the

Socialism Kills

California: Years in jail for disseminating plastic straws, but needles & human feces on streets still ok.

By Robert Laurie Unless you’ve been trapped under a stack of Governor Moonbeam’s global warming pamphlets, you know that California is a complete mess. Taxes are out of control, regulations are crushing small businesses, the

Environmental Protection Agency

Trump’s planet-hating EPA is cleaning up contaminated sites faster than Obama’s did

By Dan Calabrese There are some fairly obvious reasons for this. One is that the Obama EPA’s mission was not really to protect the environment. It was to use environmental issues as an excuse to

Satire You Sillies!

Detroit to change its name in response to LGBTQ protest that original ‘of the straits’ is homophobic

By D.F. Krause At least it still starts with a D. The locals won’t have to get rid of those weird English letters on their hats. But now that we have to get used to

Trade Policy

Trump tweets ‘Tariffs are the greatest!’; offers $12 billion to farmers hurt by tariffs

By Dan Calabrese If you understand nothing else about Donald Trump, understand this: He differs from most people interested in politics and governance in the sense that he considers disruption a good thing. And he

Unhinged Media Loses Its Mind

CNN on Trump’s Iran tweet: Iranian leadership seems ‘more stable and rational’ than our own

By Robert Laurie Earlier, Dan outlined some of the ways in which our Iran policy is changing and posted an excellent video of Mike Pompeo breaking it all down. Suffice it to say, Trump’s tweet


Forget Trump’s ALL CAPS tweet: This speech by Mike Pompeo lays out the real truth about Iran

By Dan Calabrese Whenever President Trump does something loud and audacious – especially when it’s something the political class doesn’t like – it dominates the news cycle. Not only does the news media prefer flash