Socialism Kills

Oh by the way, socialist Nicaragua is quickly becoming as big a dumpster fire as Venezuela

By Dan Calabrese Before there was Chavista Venezuela, there was Sandinista Nicaragua. If you’re younger than 45, you probably have little or no memory of the decade-long battle that took place in the 1980s over

Media Bias

NBC sorry to report their new poll: Trump approval up, Dem generic lead down, but….

By Robert Laurie Sometimes I wonder what it’s like in an old-media newsroom these days. You did everything you could to get Hillary elected – and failed.  In defiance of your best efforts, a man


Seth Moulton (D, MA): We’re going to need more than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if we’re going to win

By Robert Laurie To one degree or another, Democrats have always embraced socialism. From FDR’s 100% tax plan to the ObamaCare fiasco, Dems are perpetually searching for new ways to “spread the wealth around.”  Looking


VIDEO: Give money to Planned Parenthood and ‘protect our freedom to f***’

By Dan Calabrese Planned Parenthood has rarely – possibly never – done anything good. But it’s helpful when awful people slip up and admit truths we’ve long suspected. It’s been apparent to us for a

Thought Police

Daily Caller mined awful old posts from liberal director James Gunn and got him fired by Disney; he should get his job back

By Dan Calabrese I have no interest in defending James Gunn – not his politics, not his personality, not his ability as a director. From what little I know, he sounds like a jerk, and

FBI Corruption

Reuters says Trump ‘offers no evidence’ his campaign was spied on, yet its own lead mentions the evidence Trump cited

By Dan Calabrese You may have noticed the media adopted a new standard for presidential utterances as soon as Donald Trump took office. As soon as Trump became president, the media immediately began reporting every

FBI Corruption

VIDEO: Carter Page FISA application now released, Andrew McCarthy explains just how awful it is

By Dan Calabrese Two things before you watch this video: 1. The reason I keep referencing Andrew McCarthy on this is that he’s a former U.S. attorney who knows how this stuff works. He’s not

Law Enforcement

STUNNING VIDEO: A cop is shot at close range, and the media and Black Lives Matter helped make it happen

By Dan Calabrese The video you’re about to see is more than a year old, but we’re showing it to you today because it was featured last night on the premier episode of A&E’s new


Congrats, ‘fight for $15.’ McDonalds to have self-serve kiosks in all locations within 2 years

By Robert Laurie It seems that I’ve been writing about this for years now.  As the fight for fifteen movement gathered steam, and saw some success on the coasts, it became clear that fast food

FBI Corruption

How John Brennan got help from Harry Reid to push the phony ‘Trump/Russia collusion’ business on the FBI

By Dan Calabrese When it’s something this dishonest, this disgusting, this insidious . . . you have to figure Harry Reid’s fingerprints are going to be on it somewhere. And in the case of “Trump/Russia