Elizabeth Warren: This Kavanaugh guy was ‘pre-screened by right-wing extremist groups!’

By Robert Laurie For months, the Democrats have been rummaging through the personal and professional life of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Their goal is to uncover something, anything, that would empower their efforts to

Today in Racism!

Viral liberal video: Tipping is racist, and guess the white supremacist responsible for our racist tipping laws!

By Dan Calabrese With everything else the left is incensed about these days, you could be forgiven for missing this one, but for the past few years it’s been a very trendy liberal cause to

Democrats vs. the Free Market

Elizabeth Warren pretty proud of her bill that would put large corporations under federal control

By Dan Calabrese Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for publishing this, not because it’s a good idea, but because the American public in general and the business community in particular should understand the thinking


Turkey: Oh yeah? Well, we’ll boycott U.S. electronics then!

By Dan Calabrese Let’s see. On the one hand, we have the Turkish lira cratering and the Turkish economy in collapse while its financial institutions struggle to maintain stability. On the other hand we have

Gold Diggers

Oh dear: Now Omarosa wants to tell us about Trump’s ‘Coke habit’

By Dan Calabrese And I didn’t think I had a lot in common with Donald Trump. Apparently he drinks the caffeinated version, which just goes to show no cokehead is perfect. The photo you see

Gold Diggers

Trump campaign takes legal action against Omarosa for NDA violation

By Dan Calabrese If you’re starting to get the idea that Omarosa Manigault-Newman is a reckless person – not only with her words but also with the broader decisions she makes in her life –


Dems losing steam in midterm generic poll – advantage falls to under 4 points

By Robert Laurie If you were a Republican who got your news solely from outlets like NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN, you’d think the whole country hated you.  The powerful drumbeat of negativity is ugly,

Like It or Not

Trump fires off tweet calling Omarosa a ‘dog.’

By Robert Laurie *sigh* Back in June of 2015, when President Trump announced his candidacy, I was asked if he could win.  I wrote: “If he can secure the nomination, of course he’ll win, he’ll

Today in Racism!

About 20 people attended the white supremacist rally that got nonstop media coverage last weekend

By Dan Calabrese Sometimes the media just make things up, and when they do we properly call it fake news. But just as often, the media create news, and this is a slightly different but


Pelosi: NBC is out to undermine me as speaker – and Dems should just say whatever they need to win

By Robert Laurie Whether she’s talking about “Russian collusion” or claiming that “God sent Trump to remind us we’re racist,” Nancy Pelosi seems to love a good conspiracy theory. Usually, she invokes them to cover