Report: Lisa Page was there when Rosenstein talked about ousting Trump, says he was not joking

By Robert Laurie Uh-oh.  The Democrats have a little bit of a Lisa Page problem. As you know, Democrats have spent months portraying FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as good, honest, morally-upright agents


Coons: It’s up to Kavanaugh to disprove these allegations

By Robert Laurie Yesterday, we discussed Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono’s call to abandon the presumption of innocence – and sanity – in the pursuit of Brett Kavanaugh’s destruction. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise

Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal

VIDEO: Antifa lunatics chase Ted Cruz and his wife out of D.C. restaurant

By Dan Calabrese Who is the most effective political leader in America right now? You’d have to make a case for Maxine Waters if this video is any indication. What she tells her followers to


UK Labour Party: Let’s ignore the will of the people and stay in the EU after all

By Dan Calabrese They don’t say it this way, of course. The voters of Great Britain rendered their verdict back in 2016, much to the dismay of the political class in the UK and throughout

Kavanaugh Nomination

Kavanaugh letter to Grassley: I will not be intimidated into withdrawing

By Dan Calabrese Nor should he, obviously, but nominees for federal offices have withdrawn over less than what Kavanaugh’s facing right now. The last-minute second accuser was as predictable as the day is long because

Mueller Investigation

UPDATE: Rosenstein not fired, not resigned. …For now.

By Robert Laurie UPDATE 3: After a day of “will they won’t they” that would put Ross and Rachel to shame, It turns out “they won’t” – at least for now.  No one seems entirely

America's Feminist Heroes

NYT ‘interviewed several dozen’ people hoping to corroborate new Kavanaugh accuser – no one did

By Robert Laurie By now you’re probably aware of Deborah Ramirez.  She’s the latest individual to offer dubious claims about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  As the New York Times reports, her claim stems from an alleged

Iran Nuclear Deal

How Trump’s exit from the nuclear deal is already putting the hurt on Iran

By Dan Calabrese There was some doubt – and I harbored some myself – that the U.S. pulling out unilaterally from the Iran nuclear deal would really put any meaningful pressure on Iran. The deal

Liberals Slip And Admit It

Dem Sen. Mazie Hirono: your presumption of innocence depends on whether I agree with you politically

By Robert Laurie She may not have intended to do so, but Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) just made the Dems’ position on the Kavanaugh accusations crystal clear. If they don’t agree with your political viewpoint,

Kavanaugh Nomination

Video: More than 25 female Kavanaugh associates vouch for his character

By Dan Calabrese You’re right. This doesn’t prove he’s innocent. Twenty-five women saying “he didn’t sexually assault me” doesn’t prove it didn’t happen to the 26th. But here’s why this matters: We have an accusation