China: Yeah sure, we support Venezuela, but not so fast on lending them more money

By Dan Calabrese Venezuela has become a charity basket case. It’s economy has collapsed, its currency is worthless and political institutions are hanging on by the threat of force alone. It has squandered the value

Kavanaugh Nomination

That was quick: FBI has already told Feinstein it won’t act on her Kavanaugh dirty trick letter

By Dan Calabrese This was a predictable as Monday coming at the beginning of the week, but it’s still one of the dirtiest of dirty tricks you’ll ever see in politics. Brett Kavanaugh is sailing


New U.S. Census report: Trump economy is lifting fortunes of Americans at every income level

By Dan Calabrese This is consistent with what we told you last week about wage growth picking up with job growth. When labor is in high demand and short supply, as is the case right

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Mikkos Trump: Washington Post comes right out and blames president for Hurricane Florence

By Dan Calabrese This is good stuff. Some of the best. The same paper that employs and celebrates the man whose book claims the Trump White House is in chaos and Trump is a complete

Vatican Sex Abuse Coverup

Pope Francis: The Great Accuser Satan is trying to expose bishops’ sex abuse coverups to create scandals

By Dan Calabrese Well that’s one way to look at it, and it’s not wrong per se. It just leaves out kind of an important detail, which is . . . if you don’t commit


Politico outlines doomed last-ditch effort to stop Kavanaugh, as Salon throws in the towel

By Robert Laurie Since day one, I’ve said that the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was a fait accompli. Barring a political miracle/disaster, I argued that Kavanaugh had a 100% chance of being the next Supreme

Trump Derangement Syndrome

‘The Week’ panics as TDS sets in: Trump will repeal 22nd Amendment, President forever!

By Robert Laurie Everywhere you look, you see them: Panicked progressives and NeverTrumpers, running wild in the streets, screaming that the sky is falling. America – democracy itself – is doomed and soon we will

Kavanaugh Nomination

Liberal caller threatens to rape one of Susan Collins’s staff if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh

By Dan Calabrese Because the left is very concerned about the rights of women, you understand. I suppose you could easily play the game of Switch The Parties and ask how the media would cover


Ken Starr: I knew Hillary lied under oath in 1995 but couldn’t prove perjury

By Dan Calabrese “I can’t remember.” “I do not recall that.” “I’m sorry but I have no recollection of that.” Confident liars will say anything, but when they’re under oath, they often say something like

Media Bias

CBS ‘fact check’ tries its best deny Trump economy is better than Obama’s . . . and its best is not very good

By Dan Calabrese Ah, the “fact check” genre of journalism. Legacy journalists love it because it allows them to appear all about “facts” while actually giving them a platform to editorialize. The classic journalism fact-checker