‘Abolish ICE’ scream ignorant liberals who have no idea what ICE does

By Herman Cain

The latest rallying cry of the Democrat liberal wacko left is to “abolish ICE”. This ridiculous notion is being hailed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York).

Kellyanne Conway gave the most succinct and accurate description of this insane notion to date: It’s ignorant and irrational.

It’s ignorant because most of the wackos responding to Gillibrand and other voices of anarchy have no idea what ICE does. They are being sucked into what started as a false political hyperbole by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), that “babies are being ripped from the arms of their mothers.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has procedures they go through before any children are separated from their illegal immigrant family members. These are the same procedures used during the Obama and Bush administrations. It’s called the law and it has not changed.

Protesters also do not know is that ICE is our international crime agency, which deals with more than just illegal immigration and border enforcement. Stopping illegal drugs from coming into this country while arresting and deporting violent illegal gang members are just two examples.

The notion of abolishing ICE is also impractical, because it’s similar to wanting to change the tires on your car, but not having a set of tires with which to replacement them. But then again, Democrats and liberals always want something changed before they have any idea of a better solution.

The impracticality of abolishing ICE is right up there with not calling the police when your home is being robbed, not calling the fire department when your home is on fire, or not calling first responders if you are in a car accident.

A call to abolish ICE is just the latest attempt by liberal anti-Americans to give their gullible supporters something else to be angry about.

Their idiotic resistance will continue to be met with positive persistence.

I’m happy about that!