Actress, NY gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon: ICE is a ‘terrorist organization’ – should be eliminated

By Robert Laurie

Sometimes I feel sorry for New York.  There are places, well outside of NYC, where actual honest-to-goodness sane people live.  They don’t have much of voice in the state’s politics because the cities overwhelm them, but they do exist. Sadly, they get saddled with people like Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon – two candidates in a desperate race to prove who can be the more left-wing Governor.

While she may be disastrously behind in the polls, Sex in the City actress Cynthia Nixon is currently winning the battle of radical-lefty rhetoric.  There’s simply no position too far outside the mainstream for her, particularly when it comes to illegal immigration.  Driver’s licenses for illegals? She’s for it. Amnesty? Of course. Catch and release? You betcha.  If you’re wondering ‘why not just get rid of immigration enforcement altogether,’ well, good news!

Nixon has decided that ICE is now, and I quote, “a terrorist organization.” ICE agents? Sorry, but a prominent political candidate for Governor of New York believes you are terrorists, your agency should be disbanded, and it should be replaced with …nothing.

This has become one of Nixon’s most frequent campaign appearance “go-to” lines.  It’s getting her some press, so she’s trotting it out whenever there’s a camera in front of her. Here she is on the view yesterday, where even Joy Behar seems surprised by her plan to eliminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

If Nixon is in the mood to eliminate federal agencies, I’m all for it.  I’d be happy to supply her a list of literally hundreds of Washington money-pits that she can work to dismantle.  We write about government overreach, and agencies that have no constitutional reason to exist, all the time. However, border and immigration enforcement are jobs that the feds are – without question – supposed to be doing.

I get that she’s trying to gin-up some interest in her flagging campaign, but an attempt to mainstream open borders policy is probably not the best way to go about it… This will do her no favors:

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