And now, the latest completely insane things Nancy Pelosi and other liberals are saying about Trump’s job performance

By Herman Cain

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is still saying the Trump tax cuts only benefit the rich. That’s a lie. She also says that the middle class ends up with a tax increase. That’s another lie.

Then Representative Ted Lieu (D-California) says the Trump tax cuts will lead to cuts in Social Security and Medicare. That’s another big fat lie! Watch for yourself right here.
The truly sad part of this narrative by the Democrats is that the people attending this Town Hall meeting actually believe them. It’s a continuation of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and they will continue this narrative all the way through the November mid-term elections.
It’s part of the narrative to blame President Trump for everything bad happening in the USA, and everything bad that might happen in the future: Lack of proper security at the southern border, lack of a DACA solution, illegal immigration, a lackluster economy, an excessive national debt and lack of military readiness were all there before Donald Trump became president.
But in the minds of Democrats and deranged liberals it’s all Trump’s fault. They ignore all of the significant positive results he and his administration, along with some congressional Republicans, have achieved in his first 15 months in office.
As a friend of mine commented recently, “It’s not going to stop, because that’s all they got!”  He’s right. Blame Trump for everything wrong with America, and if he tries to solve a problem, then criticize and demonize the crap out his actions or his words.
Yep, it’s Trump’s fault that most people are taking home more in their paychecks than they used to. It’s Trump’s fault unnecessary regulations have been rolled back. It’s his fault that the stock market is booming, which is a sign of business and consumer confidence. Yep, it’s Trump’s fault that our military readiness is on the rise.
Democrats and liberals, who are increasingly becoming the same people, are constantly looking for mole hills to try to turn into mountains.
The big story is that Trump’s leadership is, in fact, making America great again. Deal with it liberals, because it’s not going to stop.
Yep, blame President Trump!