Apparently, James Comey’s ‘higher loyalty’ is to the New York Times bestseller list

By Robert Laurie

If all you knew about James Comey was the information contained in his Twitter feed, you’d probably think he was some kind of moral paragon. He values truth and honor above all. He works to display a level of dignity that borders on messianic. He’s contemplative, and takes photos that speak a thousand words about his sincerity. He likes long walks on which he ruminates about the Statue of Liberty, the greatness of the American spirit, and his own unsullied virtue.

No really, he does that.

The problem is, if you’ve followed his story in the non-CNN media, you might think he’s a weepy peacock who spends his days virtue-signaling as a way to make people forget he rather famously lied to Congress under oath. Remember, after testifying that he had nothing to do with leaks, we learned that he was pushing material to the press via a “friend” and intermediary.

Still, Comey likes to play the “honor card” whenever he gets the chance.  He’s been making the rounds lately, pushing his new book “A Higher Loyalty – Truth, Lies, and Leadership.”  …and he’s not exactly keen to admit that some of those lies are his own.

But others are wondering.  If this book is so chock full of information that’s vitally important to our nation, wouldn’t the “higher loyalty” dictate that you spill the beans as quickly as possible?  The Democrats favorite prognosticator, Nate Silver, wondered…”why wait 11 months” to release this information, if it’s not because you “have a giant book launch and publicity tour?”

It’s an excellent point.  If Comey’s story is so important – if his motives are so pure – why did he wait so long to give us the details?

The bottom line is that we can all see through the game Comey is playing.  He’s using his time in the spotlight to strike back at the former boss he admits he thought couldn’t win the 2016 presidential race, and he’s lining his pockets in the process.  If this was really about the importance of the details in his book, he could have revealed them at any time.

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