Trump to sign executive order ending separation of illegal immigrant families

By Dan Calabrese I’m not sure how this is legal, and it probably puts an end to any hope that Congress will fix the law so the solution would be legal. I guess at this

Self-Indulgent Attention Whores

Media’s favorite GOP-bashing McCain campaign manager stops pretending he’s a Republican

By Dan Calabrese I wonder if he realizes what he’s doing. For a guy who’s thrived on media love ever since he helped elect Barack Obama in 2008 – helped, that is, by being completely

Human Rights

Nikki Haley explains exactly why the U.S. ditched the UN ‘Human Rights Council’

By Dan Calabrese I guess it’s an indication of how snowed the left is that you can actually find people today acting like the U.S. withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council is actually some


McConnell to move legislation this week that would allow border patrol to jail or deport families together

By Dan Calabrese Given the rising pseudo-outrage over the status quo, you’d think this would be the easiest pass in the history of Senate legislation. I’m not so sure. If Congress passes the law President


Trump takes another bite out of ObamaCare, letting small businesses band together to buy health insurance

By Dan Calabrese Depending where you get your news headlines, you might have seen some stories today decrying that the Trump White House has launched another “attack” on ObamaCare, and is looking to further “undermine”


VIDEO: Chris Pratt tells crowd at MTV Awards that God is real and they should learn to pray (and they cheered)

By Dan Calabrese I do have one quibble here: He tells them grace is a free gift that was paid for with someone else’s blood, but he doesn’t name the someone else. Kind of a


Trump to Congress: If you want us to stop separating families at the border, then change the law that tells us to

By Dan Calabrese During the Obama years Congress got used to the idea that the president would simply ignore laws he didn’t like, or didn’t agree with, or could get more political mileage out of

The Truth Is Out There

Trump directs U.S. to establish force that will dominate outer space

By Dan Calabrese You never know who might be lurking out there! For all we know, everything on the X-Files was real, and the Cigarette Smoking Man is based on a real shadowy figure who


Here’s the real story on ‘migrant children separated from parents’, and it’s nothing like what you’re hearing

By Dan Calabrese As is usually the case, the latest Trump outrage as presented to you by the self-righteous media is not an accurate reflection of what’s really going on. If you’ve been listening to

Religious Persecution

Two Christian universities win suit against Obama abortion mandate

By Dan Calabrese This happened last week, although it flew largely under the news radar. And it’s excellent news. With the end of the Obama Administration is also coming the end of some clearly unconstitutional