Socialism Kills

Hey socialized medicine fans: Here’s what happened during this year’s flu season in Britain

By Dan Calabrese The appeal of socialized medicine for its fans is simple: Everyone has equal access to the health care system regardless of ability to pay, because the whole thing is publicly funded and


Washington Post freaks out: That poll showing Trump with 36 percent black approval can’t be true!

By Dan Calabrese It’s almost as if the mainstream media have a narrative to protect regardless of the facts. But that can’t be true because then they’d be propagandists and not the fearless protectors of

Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran: Maybe we need to figure out what to do about those U.S. sanctions we’re pretending won’t hurt us

By Dan Calabrese The mad mullahs scoffed. Ha! The U.S. thinks it can hurt Iran by reimposing sanctions? Laughable! The Great Satan can do nothing to us by taking back the wondrous gifts from Barack

Mueller Investigation

Trump allowed White House counsel McGahn to cooperate fully with Mueller; NY Times can’t figure out why

By Dan Calabrese Sometimes a duck is just a duck, but that’s a hard concept to get your brain around when you’re the New York Times and you’re determined to see evil and deceit in

Law Enforcement

Rappin’ on patrol: Wyandotte, Michigan police produce one of the best lip sync videos ever

By Dan Calabrese Two things: First, they did it all on their own time and used no taxpayer dollars, so don’t even start with me about that. Second, it may very well be that no

Anthem Kneelers

Just a reminder: Anthem-kneeling isn’t about the flag, the anthem or the troops; it’s about slandering the police

By Dan Calabrese Some of the NFL’s anthem-kneelers have expressed frustration that their critics – caught up in issues like troops, veterans and Francis Scott Key – are missing their real message. They want people

Tax Policy

VIDEO: Factory workers talk about how much those Trump ‘crumbs’ have meant to them

By Dan Calabrese According to Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, the benefits the average worker received from last year’s tax cut have amounted to mere “crumbs.” They’re so small they’re hardly even worth getting. They’re

Presidential Leadership

Apparently no one much cares if the president ‘acts presidential’, whatever that means

By Dan Calabrese There are things you’ve always heard, and probably never much thought about, but for the most part figured must be true. It’s the inevitable result of an information age in which all

Media Bias

Oh good: Hundreds of newspapers ran editorials today in a planned, coordinated attack on Trump

By Dan Calabrese There is a difference between opinion writing and propaganda. Opinion writing reflects the independent opinion of the individual or institution expressing itself. It’s for the purpose of persuading, but also of letting

Religious Persecution

Colorado is going after Jack Phillips again, this time because he won’t bake a transgender cake

By Dan Calabrese Just in case you thought Colorado would stop attacking religious freedom because the Supreme Court told it to: Nope. Mere weeks after being smacked down by the U.S. Supreme Court for its