Law Enforcement

STUNNING VIDEO: A cop is shot at close range, and the media and Black Lives Matter helped make it happen

By Dan Calabrese The video you’re about to see is more than a year old, but we’re showing it to you today because it was featured last night on the premier episode of A&E’s new

FBI Corruption

How John Brennan got help from Harry Reid to push the phony ‘Trump/Russia collusion’ business on the FBI

By Dan Calabrese When it’s something this dishonest, this disgusting, this insidious . . . you have to figure Harry Reid’s fingerprints are going to be on it somewhere. And in the case of “Trump/Russia


Trump proposes to make Endangered Species Act less onerous; usual suspects freaking out

By Dan Calabrese The Endangered Species Act is supposed to protect species in nature from becoming extinct, but it’s tended to threaten the extinction of American businesses when used by a blunt force instrument in

The Phony Baloney Political Class

Just so you know: Almost all the outrage, indignation and uproar you see is completely phony

By Dan Calabrese You should know when people are putting on a show for you. And you should understand that this is what they’re doing most of the time. Especially political people. And that includes


VIDEO: Men are really getting on Obama’s nerves lately

By Dan Calabrese I’m sorry if I’m late getting this column up. I was outside kicking dogs, pushing children around and wandering into bars enticing dudes to step outside and throw down. But I’m a

Tax Policy

Trump, GOP Congress discussing new round of tax cuts for possible September vote

By Dan Calabrese If they could get it done, it would be a boon to an already accelerating economy and a boost to their already growing chances of holding the House and building their majority

Trump Derangement Syndrome

No, silly Democrats, Trump did not ‘commit treason,’ says . . . the Washington Post?

By Dan Calabrese I’ll say this for the Washington Post. They’re a stunningly dishonest newspaper, but they’re more self-aware than, say, the New York Times in the sense that they know when joining in on

Destroying People For Sport

Papa John: I shouldn’t have resigned, and the company completely botched the investigation of what happened

By Dan Calabrese Someone in a position like that of John Schnatter needs to do what Schnatter is now doing. Good. It would have been better if he had never resigned in the first place,


This ‘Russian election meddling’ nonsense is one of the phoniest things ever in American politics

By Dan Calabrese A Democrat I know and like, a friend from here in my own city who is very active in politics here, just came and sat down next to me in the coffee


Sorry, but ‘election meddling’ isn’t even in the top 10 most important issues we have with Russia

By Dan Calabrese It’s all the press cares about, because they still fantasize that it can somehow lead to the indictment (never) or impeachment (pretty close to never) of Donald Trump.  Never has the U.S.