Kavanaugh Nomination

Christine Blasey Ford demands Kavanaugh testify first, not be allowed to rebut her testimony

By Dan Calabrese Yeah . . . it doesn’t work that way in America. I don’t even think it works that way in Russia. But apparently in American politics, to the extent Democrats are allowed

Expel DiFi

Expel Dianne Feinstein from the Senate

By Dan Calabrese There are breaches of trust and ethics so serious that they warrant the highest and most severe possible penalty. We rarely see such penalties applied, not necessarily because they are not justified


New applications for unemployment benefits lowest since 1969

By Dan Calabrese It was 1969. There wasn’t even $100 billion in the whole world! (At least that’s what Tim Robbins told Dr. Evil.) The Miracle New York Mets were on their way to the

Kavanaugh Nomination

Wait, what? Feinstein is refusing to give Senate Republicans a copy of Christine Blasey Ford’s letter

By Dan Calabrese I don’t like to play Switch The Parties too often, but try to imagine this: A Republican has gone public with a letter that contains a very serious allegation against a Democrat

Kavanaugh Nomination

GOP senators to Kavanaugh accuser: You’re running out of time to testify

By Dan Calabrese Since this has never been anything but a delay tactic, there’s no sense accommodating it when the demands of the delayers are becoming increasingly nonsensical. No one is trying to deny Christine

Tax Policy

Federal revenues jump from faster growth . . . more than twice what the tax cut was supposed to ‘cost’

By Dan Calabrese If there’s one thing every liberal will do when talking about tax policy (and most “moderates” and a fair number of “fiscal conservatives” as well), it’s to scoff at the notion that

Kavanaugh Nomination

Schumer demands no Kavanaugh hearing until there’s an FBI investigation he knows will never happen

By Dan Calabrese If you had any doubt this was anything but a delay tactic, this morning’s developments should dispel your doubt. Brett Kavanaugh was sailing to inevitable confirmation before Dianne Feinstein’s last-minute smear/ambush, and

#MeToo Unless You're Accusing a Democrat

Democrats believe women’s stories of abuse! Er, unless they’re accusing Democrats . . .

By Dan Calabrese I guess Karen Monahan should have checked with Christine Blasey Ford before she went public with her story. If you want to be believed and the media to trumpet your story as

Deep State

James O’Keefe hidden camera catches State Dept. employee bragging about serving the ‘resistance’ at work

By Dan Calabrese When James O’Keefe connects, he really connects. And boy did he connect with this one. Usually when O’Keefe exposes the sins of the left with his hidden cameras, the legacy media scream

FBI Corruption

Trump orders extensive sections of the Carter Page FISA application, Strzok/Page texts declassified

By Dan Calabrese This is what some of us have been asking him to do for months – and wondering what was taking so long. There are three possibilities to come from it: 1. It