Today in Racism!

If anyone in that Philly incident was racist, it was Starbucks, not the cops

By Dan Calabrese My leading theory is that no one here was being racist at all. Someone was just being very inflexible about a customers-only policy and the people on the other end of the


Russians strike out at UN: Only China, Bolivia vote for resolution condemning attack on Syria

By Dan Calabrese They should have started the resolution with a condemnation of Israel. That would probably have gotten them at least a few more votes. But it’s not been a good day for Russia


Pentagon: Airstrike on Syria crippled chemical weapon infrastructure, with no damage inflicted by Syria or Russia

By Dan Calabrese It’s been awhile since we did something like this, so it’s worthwhile to remember the days of Baghdad Bob and other enemy propagandists, who assured us that America was being pounded and


WATCH: Allied cruise missiles launch as airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapon sites begin

By Dan Calabrese It was late last night when President Trump announced that he had ordered U.S. airstrikes, in cooperation with Britain and France, against chemical weapon sites in Syria in response to last week’s

Priceless Video

Meltdown: Michigan weatherman has had it with the crappy weather

By Dan Calabrese Now this is good stuff. I can confirm that the way this guy’s colleagues are reacting to the long-term forecast is pretty much the way we all feel in this part of

Special Prosecutor Abuse

Multiple reports say Trump will pardon Scooter Libby, who was the victim of out-of-control special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald

By Dan Calabrese This has needed to happen for more than 10 years. George W. Bush should have done it. And it’s about a lot more than just a political operative being let off the

Anthem Kneelers

Seahawks offer Kaepernick tryout, but cancel it when he refuses to promise he’ll stand for national anthem

By Dan Calabrese I wonder if the Seahawks ever really wanted him in the first place. I sure as heck wouldn’t want him on the Vikings, given that he would be a nonstop magnet for

FBI Corruption

Threatened with impeachment, FBI Director Wray hands over Russia probe memo to Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy

By Dan Calabrese We don’t yet know what Nunes and Gowdy discovered by reading the memo, but we do know that Christopher Wray coughed it up quickly – and largely unredacted – after Nunes went


A look at the GOP plan to make work a welfare requirement

By Dan Calabrese No reasonable person could really disagree with the idea that a person receiving welfare should have to do some sort of work as part of the bargain. Of course, the political world


Democrats rage at CFPB director Mick Mulvaney: Why aren’t you harassing businesses?

By Dan Calabrese This is a very hard thing for Democrats to understand. In their world, business is the enemy, and once you get your hands on political power, one of the first things you