FBI Corruption

I’ve got a few things to say to that FBI agent who called Trump voters lazy and stupid

By Herman Cain A bunch of arrogant FBI agents may think Trump voters are lazy and stupid, but I’ve been through a few things in my life and I know who the real Trump voters

FBI Corruption

Media headlines say IG report found ‘no evidence of bias’ in Hillary investigation; that is not what the report says

By Dan Calabrese I’ll admit that when the headlines emerged yesterday about the release of the IG report, I felt a bit deflated at what I was seeing. The MSM basically told us the report

Sexual Harassment

New rule for Netflix employees: No looking at anyone for more than five seconds

By Dan Calabrese Staredown! Or maybe you’d better not. The new rules are pretty strict if you work for Netflix, and while I’m not entirely sure how you would enforce a rule like this (or

FBI Corruption

IG report slams Obama DOJ, FBI for willingness to abuse their power to stop Trump election

By Dan Calabrese COMERICA PARK, Detroit – There will be a lot to unpack about this report in the hours and days to come. The media’s chosen headline is that DOJ Inspector General found “no

North Korea

Now that’s more like it: Pompeo says North Korea sanctions will remain in effect until complete denuclearization

By Dan Calabrese Of course, I guess this still rises and falls on how you define “complete denuclearization.” If it means the Norks cleaim they dismantled their facilities and we just take them at the


More Seattle insanity: City Council considers buying an RV where heroin users could go inside to shoot up

By Dan Calabrese This is one of the reasons I miss the ’80s. No one who wasn’t already addicted failed to understand the horror of drugs, and even the users knew better than to do

Economic Policy

Fed announces interest-rate hike, signals several more are coming this year

By Dan Calabrese Interest rates can be too high, but they can also be too low. And they’ve been too low for a decade, in large part because the Fed was overcompensating for the mortgage

Today in Racism!

Kid Rock: Hey, sorry you all thought I wasn’t kidding about running for Senate . . . oh, and vote for this guy

By Dan Calabrese Since when do you have to apologize for trolling people in politics? I think Kid Rock did us all a tremendous service by dropping obviously unserious hints about running for the U.S.

North Korea

This Trump/Kim agreement sounds an awful lot like one signed 24 years ago . . . by the United States and North Korea

By Dan Calabrese Are you making history when you do something that was already done – and failed – less than a generation ago? A lot of you were angry with me yesterday for casting

Tax Policy

Never mind: With disastrous results mounting, Seattle will repeal its new tax on employment

By Dan Calabrese It’s the New Coke of tax policy! (If you don’t know what that means, ask your parents. They’ll remember.) It’s not as if Seattle is about to become a beacon of small-government,