EPA throws out Obama-era clean air standards for cars, considers yanking California’s right to impose its own

By Dan Calabrese California apparently thinks it is a republic, and that doesn’t only apply to immigration enforcement. The Golden State also takes advantage of a federal waiver that allows it to impose even higher

Media Bias

Lefty media freaking out because Sinclair Broadcast Group made its station anchors denounce bias and fake news

By Dan Calabrese Let’s review a few basic facts about the nature of business and employment: First, when the owner of your company wants you to do something, it is generally not considered scandalous that


Trump Sunday tweetstorm: DACA is through, and maybe NAFTA too

By Dan Calabrese It sounds like the president started the morning watching Fox & Friends instead of going to church, although he made it to the Lord’s house eventually. Maybe it calmed him down. But


What the resurrection of Jesus Christ really accomplished . . . for you and for everyone

By Dan Calabrese Every Easter Sunday you see a lot of “He Is Risen!” all across the Internet, and you’d almost think people have the idea that it happens once a year – like the

Federal Spending

Trump, GOP consider rarely used Impoundment Act to rescind some of the omnibus spending

By Dan Calabrese If they actually do it, it will be an act of boldness not seen by congressional Republicans in . . . OK, I can’t think of an example. It’s the sort of

Free Speech

Laura Ingraham finds out: You must not criticize David Hogg; he will sic the dogs on your advertisers

By Dan Calabrese Has this fine young man¬†acquired enough power that it’s OK to start holding him accountable yet? Apparently it’s precisely because he’s acquired so much power that we now can’t. Laura Ingraham’s trouble


Retired liberal Justice John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

By Dan Calabrese He’s 97 years old and he’s not going to be around to see it happen, and all reasonable odds would suggest it never will happen. But before an idea like this can

National Security

Excellent news: Jimmy Carter thinks Bolton as national security adviser is ‘a disaster for our country’

By Dan Calabrese Your job is to advise the president of the United States on threats and challenges from the world’s bad actors. A man who has made a habit for nearly 40 years of


Democrats in total meltdown as Trump proposes asking Census respondents if they’re citizens

By Dan Calabrese Seems like the sort of thing you’d want to know, but what do I know? Democrats expect you to let them subject you to under-oath rectal exams if you appear before a


VIDEO: Bill Maher launches sexist attack on NRA’s Dana Loesch . . . and she responds

By Dan Calabrese Angie and I actually had a somewhat spirited discussion last night about whether Maher’s garbage was even worthy of Loesch’s response. There’s a school of thought that you don’t give trash like