Anthem Kneelers

Really: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pimps for Colin Kaepernick on Twitter (and inspires hilarious responses)

By Dan Calabrese This is one of those pieces where I’m pretty sure I would only detract from the point by actually commenting on it. I will say this: I had no idea Iranian despots

America's Cities

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: I am so out of here

By Dan Calabrese Hey, it’s hard to blame him. Who would want the job of cleaning up the mess left by Rahm Emanuel? The man learned everything he knows while serving in the Clinton and

Arizona Senate Seat

Arizona Gov. Ducey appoints former Sen. Jon Kyl to replace John McCain

By Dan Calabrese He’s 75 years old, so this doesn’t sound like a long-term solution. But for now, it’s a 51st Republican vote for Brett Kavanaugh and maybe for some more tax relief before the

Anthem Kneelers

Oops! Nike stock tanking following choice of Colin Kaepernick as new face of Just Do It campaign

By Dan Calabrese Good news for America’s police officers: There are apparently still some Americans who appreciate the work you do, and don’t appreciate idiot athletes slandering you as racist murderers. Oh, they also don’t

Governing Is Your Job Mr. President

After latest rage tweet, Trump needs to either fire Sessions, give him directives to change . . . or shut up

By Dan Calabrese This has now descended into the theater of the absurd. I understand some of Donald Trump’s frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, especially but not limited to his recusal from the Russia

Real Great Americans

What the political class says McCain was, Dick Cheney actually is

By Dan Calabrese John McCain exhibited character, courage and strength when he endured seven years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam under excruciating conditions. No one can or should ever take that away from

Federal Spending

Trump cancels pay raise for federal workforce, saving taxpayers $25 billion

By Dan Calabrese Most organizations that are $20 trillion in the red – OK, there are no other organizations that are $20 trillion in the red – but most who are bleeding cash wouldn’t even

Impeach Impeach Impeach!

ABC/WaPo poll: Americans want Congress to impeach Trump by 49-46 margin

By Dan Calabrese No, I don’t think this is an entirely accurate reflection of where the public is. But I also don’t think it should be lightly dismissed. The media have been beating into people’s

Energy Policy

Gusher: Houston-Galveston port now exporting more oil than it’s importing for first time

By Dan Calabrese Sometimes it makes sense to compromise in politics. Sometimes a deal is a good deal and you should take it, because the country will benefit from it. And one of the best

Iran Nuclear Deal

UN: Hey, don’t worry, Iran is complying with the nuclear deal!

By Dan Calabrese It would be almost impossible for Iran not to be in compliance with it, because there’s almost nothing the agreement actually requires of them. They don’t have to submit to unannounced inspections.