Herman Cain Show

Coming Monday, August 6: A new home for the New Herman Cain Show!

By Herman Cain I have big news for you. The Herman Cain Show is moving, and it’s going to be easier than ever for you to not only listen but watch too. Starting Monday, August

Socialism Kills

Socialism is bankrupt

By Herman Cain “Socialism is a philosophy that, at best, has proven to be ideologically bankrupt, having failed to produce anything close to a free-market system. At worst, it is a weapon for petty thug-tyrants

Fox News Appearances

VIDEO: Fireworks on Mornings with Maria over tariffs

By Herman Cain We had some fireworks this morning on Mornings with Maria! The primary topic was the tariffs President Trump has recently imposed, and between myself, Maria Bartiromo and Dagan McDowell, we found ourselves

People Helping People

Meanwhile, outside the political class, real people give their own money to help a teacher of poor children

By Herman Cain There are people in this country who actually have real problems. They don’t use them as an excuse to bash others or to play victim. They just keep their heads down and

Presidential Leadership

Contrasting Trump’s leadership with Obama’s positionship

By Herman Cain Barack Obama was in a leadership position as president. He used it to try to appease his political party, the liberal media, public opinion and his big financial donors. As a result,

Kavanaugh Nomination

Here’s why the left’s anti-Kavanaugh strategy is not going to work

By Herman Cain Predictably, the Democrats in Congress and other liberals went ape-crap when President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. From an announced list of 25 candidates many months ago, the


Democrat complaints sounding pretty ridiculous as the good news keeps rolling in

By Herman Cain The liberals are louder with their outrageous rhetoric and ignorant protests, but conservative and free-market principles are driving more good news, pound for pound, than the liberal noise chambers. It starts with


Polls suggest trashing Trump isn’t working too well for Democrats

By Herman Cain I’m not a big poll follower because I know they can be manipulated. But I do consider the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average to be a more reliable indicator of what’s going

Fox News Appearances

Herman on Fox this morning: Trump focusing on the right thing with SCOTUS pick

By Herman Cain All the talk about Roe v. Wade is missing the point, and yet it’s what we get every time there is a Supreme Court opening. I appeared this morning on Maria Bartiromo’s


‘Abolish ICE’ scream ignorant liberals who have no idea what ICE does

By Herman Cain The latest rallying cry of the Democrat liberal wacko left is to “abolish ICE”. This ridiculous notion is being hailed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York). Kellyanne Conway gave the most succinct