Democrat nonsense on the Syria attack is even more absurd than normal

By Herman Cain No action against Syria for its chemical attack on its own people was not an option. The president and his advisors made that very clear. But no matter what decision was made


Web sites had traffic before Facebook came along, right? Maybe we’re going back to the future . . .

By Herman Cain Quick: Before you read this, bookmark this site. Do it now. Now I’ll explain why. Facebook has only existed since 2005, and yet I’ve got some astonishing trivia for you about the

Trump Derangement Syndrome

And now, the latest completely insane things Nancy Pelosi and other liberals are saying about Trump’s job performance

By Herman Cain House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is still saying the Trump tax cuts only benefit the rich. That’s a lie. She also says that the middle class ends up with a tax increase.

Fox News Appearances

Fox News Video: Herman Cain discusses Amazon, the tech selloff on Your World with Cavuto

By Herman Cain Why do I disagree with President Trump on the matter of Amazon and the Postal Service? It’s not because he’s wrong about the underlying problems at the USPS. It’s because it’s the


Keep fighting for positive results

By Herman Cain I recall from my studies of mathematics that the sum of all positive numbers and all negative numbers is zero. I suddenly realized that this is the quest of politics in hopes

Fox News Appearances

Fox News Video: Amazon is not the problem with the Post Office

By Herman Cain This morning on Fox & Friends I was asked my thoughts on the president’s tweets concerning Amazon and the Post Office. The truth is there is a lot more wrong with the