People Being Dumb

The two reasons Nancy Pelosi, for all her insanity, is not sent packing by her party

By Herman Cain First, Nancy Pelosi called employee bonuses resulting from the Trump tax cuts “crumbs”. Now she claims that record low unemployment is meaningless. Meaningless! Ask the person who is proud to now have


Smart CEOs aren’t sweating the search for workers; they’re focused on productivity

By Herman Cain When the unemployment rate was reported to have hit a new low-low of 3.8 percent for May, the usual expectation by some media folks is that employers will have a hard time


Here are three conservatives who can win in California, and deserve your support (including one who can take down Maxine Waters)

By Herman Cain Last week I was in California to give two speeches to two different Republican groups. One was in Fresno and the other group in LaQuinta. They were both well attended, and they

Today in Racism!

There’s no defending the tweet, but I suspect ABC had another motive in cancelling Roseanne

By Herman Cain It’s really not too hard to figure out, is it? When ABC brought back Roseanne, it was following a recent trend of lots of old TV shows being brought back. We’ve already

North Korea

Nancy, the yapping is not helping

By Herman Cain Nancy Pelosi is the latest yapper about the potential meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un. She jumped right out declared President Trump’s decision to not hold the face to face

Today in Racism!

That’s about enough of Maxine Waters’s race-baiting nonsense

By Herman Cain Whenever black Democrats do not have a factual or credible argument to claim racism, they just go ahead and claim it anyway. This happened recently on the floor of the House of

American Black Conservatives

Welcome to the club, Candace Owens

By Herman Cain This is what it’s like to be an ABC – an American Black Conservative. I’m sure I don’t need to tell Candace Owens that, since she holds her own just fine. But

Kanye West

Kanye says ‘slavery for 400 years, that feels like a choice’; here’s why he’s right

By Herman Cain Kanye West doesn’t need me to defend him. He’s a big man and he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself. But I want to amplify and illuminate some of his words


Not that you’re going to hear about it, but America got an awful lot of good news in the past week

By Herman Cain I can’t remember when, in over eight years of doing a radio show, I’ve had so much good news to talk about in one day. Do you realize how many positive results


We’re outnumbered in the media, but here’s how we can overcome it

By Herman Cain The results this administration is getting should be an asset for our side, but the rhetoric of the liberals suggests none of this has even happened. The liberal voices outnumber us because