Planned Parenthood spearheads coalition dumping $30 million into liberal midterm campaigns

By Robert Laurie Poor, poor, underfunded Planned Parenthood. If you believe their propaganda, they desperately need federal cash, so they can perform all those “not abortion” services they provide. Why, eliminating their access to taxpayer


NBC News/WSJ poll shows Hillary is getting even LESS popular as time goes by

By Robert Laurie If you believe the press, the nation is in mourning. The 2016 election supposedly gave us a chance to usher in a new golden era of liberalism, and we didn’t take it.

FBI Corruption

James Comey whines that the GOP ‘left him and many others’ …when it supported a candidate who could win

By Robert Laurie I look forward to the day when someone asks me, “what was the name of that guy who ran the FBI and spent all his time whining?” I’ll think for a moment

FBI Corruption

Eric Holder: ‘Yeah. I’m thinking about’ running for President

By Robert Laurie We’ve discussed the rumors before.  Eric Holder, the former attorney general and ethically challenged Fast & Furious centerpiece, wants to be President.  At one point, there was some buzz about his placement

Media Bias

Eating their own: Ed Schultz says he was fired because MSNBC was in the tank for Hillary

By Robert Laurie Remember Ed Schultz?  No? Really? Wow.  How time flies.  Ed Schultz was an MSNBC host (and hardcore leftist) who was famous for his outlandish rants.  At one point, he was one of

FBI Corruption

Did James Comey just accuse himself of obstruction of justice? No room left under the bus!

By Robert Laurie First, James Comey threw Hillary Clinton under the bus by listing all of her many crimes – even if he decided no prosecutor would ever take the case. Then, he threw Loretta


Washington Post: Uh, guys, that ‘blue wave’ seems to be disappearing…

By Robert Laurie Democrats are counting on a massive “blue wave” in November. After the devastating, disastrous, defeat of Hillary Clinton, they desperately need something – anything – to prove to themselves that their ideology

FBI Corruption

Comey: I didn’t tell Trump that Hillary paid for the dossier because it ‘wasn’t necessary for my goal’

By Robert Laurie So, according to the left, President Trump was obsessed with the infamous video that the Russians supposedly had, he was demanding Comey investigate “the dossier,” and Comey was allegedly complying. You would

FBI Corruption

James Comey admits his handling Hillary Clinton email case was influenced by pre-election polls

By Robert Laurie Remember the James Comey press conference?  Of course you do.  He got up in front of the cameras, put on his aww shucks face, and listed all of the MANY ways in


WARNING! “Tarantula Burgers” are a thing that exists now.

By Robert Laurie I’ve done a lot of travelling in my time.  I’ve been to 47 states, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 countries, and I’ve enjoyed the local cuisine everywhere I’ve been.  I’m not