Trump Derangement Syndrome

NYT columnist, MSNBC panelist: Trump would like to round people up, murder them without due process!

By Robert Laurie Tax cuts killed you, the repeal of net neutrality killed you, Gorsuch killed you, immigration laws killed you, the end of the individual mandate killed you, Russian meddling killed you, and the

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings jokes about letting the President drown in the Potomac

By Robert Laurie If you’ve read anything I’ve written over the course of the last decade, you’re know that I was not a fan of Barack Obama’s presidency.  Precious little came from his tenure that


Relax everyone, you can still take your horse on the plane.

By Robert Laurie A few months ago, I delivered the bad news.  Those of you who wanted to take your emotional support tarantula on an airplane were in for a rude awakening.  Airlines were trimming

New York Groove

Andrew Cuomo tells crowd ‘America was never that great’ …and the 2020 ads write themselves

By Robert Laurie They just can’t help themselves. In any other era, you’d expect to see one or two back bench Republicans, and one or two obscure Democrats, make huge, embarrassing, gaffes. It’s just the

Socialism Kills

Sanders: let’s not talk about socialism vs. capitalism. Let’s talk about how ‘fundamentally immoral’ America is

By Robert Laurie According to Gallup, almost 60% of Dems currently have a favorable view of socialism.  The party is drifting over the leftist cliff, and it’s betting its future on radicals who play to


CNN: Pelosi blaming the media for her problems is ‘Trumpian’

By Robert Laurie Oooooooh…. CNN just went for the low blow. Yesterday, we discussed Nancy Pelosi’s belief that NBC – a network almost entirely populated by Democrats – was out to get her. According to


Elizabeth Warren: This Kavanaugh guy was ‘pre-screened by right-wing extremist groups!’

By Robert Laurie For months, the Democrats have been rummaging through the personal and professional life of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Their goal is to uncover something, anything, that would empower their efforts to


Dems losing steam in midterm generic poll – advantage falls to under 4 points

By Robert Laurie If you were a Republican who got your news solely from outlets like NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN, you’d think the whole country hated you.  The powerful drumbeat of negativity is ugly,

Like It or Not

Trump fires off tweet calling Omarosa a ‘dog.’

By Robert Laurie *sigh* Back in June of 2015, when President Trump announced his candidacy, I was asked if he could win.  I wrote: “If he can secure the nomination, of course he’ll win, he’ll


Pelosi: NBC is out to undermine me as speaker – and Dems should just say whatever they need to win

By Robert Laurie Whether she’s talking about “Russian collusion” or claiming that “God sent Trump to remind us we’re racist,” Nancy Pelosi seems to love a good conspiracy theory. Usually, she invokes them to cover