Liberals Slip And Admit It

CNN Political Director admits: Dems playing politics, stalling Kavanaugh to scuttle the nomination

By Robert Laurie Every now and then, a conservative will say of CNN: “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” I don’t buy this line of thinking, because the word “broken” would imply

Liberals Slip And Admit It

TN Democrat Senate Candidate: Washington is too hung up on what voters want

By Robert Laurie If you were to make a list of everything that’s wrong with Washington, the phrase ‘politicians care to much about what voters want’ would probably not make an appearance. Usually, the knock

Russia all the things

New Hillary interview: I lost because ‘I was an obstacle to Russia’s plans to undermine and disrupt our democracy’

By Robert Laurie Hillary Clinton was, without question, one of the worst presidential candidates in history.  At this point, there’s just no way to deny it.  Her unpleasant demeanor, arrogance, myopic strategy, and presumptuous belief

Russia all the things

Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Warner sign letter demanding FBI defy Trump declassification order

By Robert Laurie As you’re no doubt aware; on Monday President Trump ordered the declassification and release of myriad documents relating to the Carter Page FISA application and the “Russian collusion” charade.  This material includes

America's Socialist Dream Girl

Jake Tapper hammers Ocasio-Cortez on how she’ll fund her $40 trillion plan; she has absolutely no idea

By Robert Laurie If geriatric coot Bernie Sanders is really going to run again in 2020, maybe he should pick Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as his VP. They’re both socialists, they both have nebulous plans to give

Socialism Kills

Report: Bernie expected to make another presidential run in 2020 …and that’s good news

By Robert Laurie The prevailing Democrat wisdom (if such a thing exists) is that “Bernie woulda won.” Everyone, they claim, was just champing at the bit to embrace Bernie’s curmudgeon act. Leftists, socialists, and progressives

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Michael Moore: Trump’s an ‘evil genius’ who beat the ‘smartest person ever to run for President’ – wrote the NYT op-ed himself

By Robert Laurie Michael Moore has had a tough couple of years.  Please note; that’s not sympathy.  It’s just a statement of fact. His Broadway show went down in flames, the man he considers to


Ruben Gallego: (D-AZ): Repubs are ‘cowards’ and ‘we’re 60 days from totally kicking the s**t’ out of them

By Robert Laurie Remember Arizona Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego?  He’s the guy who famously threatened that ICE agents would “not be safe when the worm turns” and Democrats re-take control of the government. He’s also


Here’s what Kavanaugh supposely ‘did’ according to the Feinstein letter; it’s a…

By Robert Laurie Earlier, Dan told you that the FBI was not going to be investigating the last-minute, completely anonymous, probable-smear against Brett Kavanaugh. The now-infamous “secret letter” allegedly details something Kavanaugh did in high

Kavanaugh Nomination

MSNBC: Violent threats aimed at Susan Collins show ‘passion’ and concern for ‘women’s rights’

By Robert Laurie It’s no secret that there are a few Republican Senators who’ve raised the ire of conservatives.  Folks like Murkowski, McCain, and Susan Collins have shown an almost preternatural ability to get under