Plan to divide California into three states makes it to the ballot – headed for November vote

By Robert Laurie Initially, there were rumors that proponents of divvying up California were hoping to create two states: North and South California.  Eventually, that morphed into a plan for three states: California, Northern California,

North Korea

Morning Joe and Mika praise Trump’s NK summit – and it kills them to do so

By Robert Laurie Look, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t nuts about Obama’s handling of the Castros, and I’m similarly not crazy about seeing the U.S. flag brush up against North Korea’s.  Kim Jong Un is


Huh. Rand Paul really was attacked over yard debris, according to attacker’s attorney

By Robert Laurie Political watchers will recall that, last fall, Rand Paul was attacked by his next-door neighbor.  While mowing his lawn, the Senator was blindsided by a savage tackle that broke six ribs – including


Parenting tip: Don’t transport your children in dog crates

By Robert Laurie You wouldn’t think anyone would need to say this, since it should just be common sense, but… Please. Do not use dog kennels to transport your children or grandchildren. That’s true 24/7,


The left wants their country to fail – as long as Trump takes the blame

By Robert Laurie Long time readers will know that I’ve often written of my belief that there’s absolutely nothing the left won’t sacrifice if it serves their broader agenda.  In the blink of an eye,


Pelosi trashes Trump employment numbers ‘hip hip hooray …what does that mean to me and my life?’

By Robert Laurie If I didn’t know better, I’d almost be willing to bet that Nancy Pelosi is actively trying to keep the House of Representatives in Republican hands. Every single time she opens her


Now a Senate candidate, Romney flip-flops on Donald Trump

By Robert Laurie As soon as Mitt Romney clinched the 2012 GOP nomination, I knew.  We were in for four more years of Obama. By the time election night rolled around, the polls had tightened

North Korea

Trump on NK: ‘They have to de-nuke’; anything else is ‘not acceptable’

By Robert Laurie Does anyone really know what to expect from a meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald J. Trump?  Probably not.  Anyone who tells you that they know how the summit will shake

Today in Racism!

Sharpton: Democrats ‘too tame’ to handle Trump. More ‘spectacle and drama’ needed

By Robert Laurie When you’re a tax-cheating race-hustler with an ever-diminishing hold on your former glory, you look for ways to stay in the news.  You attach yourself to the right causes, organize marches for


Report: Plea deal for Imran Awan – Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s disgraced IT aide

By Robert Laurie Looks like it’s shaping up to be a big day for Washington D.C. deals.  First we got word of Andrew McCabe’s desired immunity deal.  Now, we turn our attention to another scandal