FBI Corruption

AP: FBI fires Peter Strzok …Finally

By Robert Laurie Well, it looks like ethically, morally, and probably legally challenged FBI agent Peter Strzok will soon be hitting the unemployment line. …Or possibly jail.  …Or, most likely, a publisher’s office to pitch

Socialism Kills

Since Ben Shapiro’s offer was ‘catcalling,’ Candace Owens ups the ante and challenges Ocasio-Cortez to debate

By Robert Laurie Watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez navigate the world of politics is like watching a slow-motion train wreck. It’s loud, it’s disastrous, it’s ongoing, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. So, you


Plan to divide California into three states dead as billionaire backer abandons effort

By Robert Laurie The idea of splitting California into a group of three smaller states generated visceral reactions on both sides, but it was always a long shot. In fact, “long shot” probably isn’t the


Pelosi promises: Voting for Dems in November will give ‘leverage’ to illegal immigrants

By Robert Laurie Not so fast, Ocasio-Cortez.  You may be the current top dog on the crazy-statements leaderboard, but that doesn’t mean the old guard is willing to go down without a fight.  Nancy Pelosi

Today in Racism!

Too good to check: Are you ready for Al Sharpton 2020?

By Robert Laurie The Democrats’ 2020 presidential field is shaping up to be real political clown car. So far, we’ve seen speculation swirling around Creepy Uncle Joe, Deval Patrick, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Fauxcahontas, Kirsten Gillibrand,

Socialism Kills

Ocasio-Cortez: With single-payer, we’ll save so much money on funerals! …huh?

By Robert Laurie Spoiler alert: Everyone is going to die. I’m sorry to break that news to you, but it’s true.  I’m also sorry to report that, despite what Democrats would have you believe, it’s

Socialism Kills

Ocasio-Cortez can’t tell you how she’ll pay for anything, thinks some Republicans love her, says whole country is ‘far left’

By Robert Laurie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is almost certainly going to win in November.  Barring some unforeseen political catastrophe that drives her out of the race, she’s a shoo-in.  That’s fine with me. Nancy Pelosi and

Russia all the things

On the heels of primary losses, hardcore leftist Alyssa Milano makes the case for voter ID

By Robert Laurie For whatever reason, former child star turned reality-show host has emerged as a major voice on the left.  She’s a constant Trump critic, an obnoxiously vocal gun control advocate, and someone who


CNN sounds the alarm: Hispanic midterm support not solidifying for Dems

By Robert Laurie You’ve heard it all before.  Trump’s racist, Trump’s evil, Trump’s hates …well… pretty much everyone. That’s been the non-stop drumbeat of CNN’s 24/7 news coverage since before Hillary Clinton collapsed (figuratively, of

Impeach Impeach Impeach!

Deval Patrick: ‘Yeah’ I’d support impeaching Trump if Dems reclaim the House

By Robert Laurie Deval Patrick is just one of those names that won’t go away. The former Massachusetts Governor has become a staple of the Sunday morning news shows, he appears regularly at Democratic campaign