When are you going to stand up for the majority!? Great video of gun owner goes viral after he tears into his city council and gun control advocates

By Robert Laurie I don’t have much to add to the following video except to say: “I bet the average law-abiding gun owner has said this a thousand times around their dinner table.” Also, I’d


Having exhausted all other scapegoats, Hillary returns to an old blame-game chestnut. ‘You know, I’d be President if it wasn’t for that James Comey letter’

By Robert Laurie A wise man once offered this bit of advice: “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be

Media Bias

This one tweet tells you everything you’ll ever need to know about Bill Kristol – Michelle Obama 2020!?

By Robert Laurie Once upon a time, Bill Kristol was basically synonymous with the “conservative movement.”  Those days are long, long, loooooong gone. Whatever conservative cache he once had has been piddled away in an

Today in Racism!

Everything’s racist! California think tank says single-family homes represent ‘race and class-coded language’

By Robert Laurie You worked hard, you saved your money, you built up your credit, and you bought a home for your family. It’s not an apartment or a duplex, either. It’s a white-picket-fence American

Today in Racism!

Everything’s racist! Obama aide Jen Psaki says Trump’s new nickname for Obama has ‘racial undertones’

By Robert Laurie Earlier this week, Dan told you that President Trump was on Twitter bragging about highlighting his new, positive, poll numbers.  In that tweet, he also assigned former President Obama a new nickname.


Trump threatens Mexico’s ‘cash cow NAFTA’ if migrant caravan isn’t stopped. Today, Mexico stops it?

By Robert Laurie Over the last three days President Trump has posted a series of tweets aimed squarely at the Mexican government and its inaction regarding the migrant caravan working its way through their country. 


DNC Black Caucus Chair tells Keith Ellison she’s ‘a former black panther’ and ‘We’ve got to turn back to the revolution’ …Keith sees camera, looks mighty nervous

By Robert Laurie During a Saturday afternoon Town Hall in Detroit, Michigan, DNC Black Caucus Chairwoman Virgie Rollins eagerly informed DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison that she was a former member of the Black Panther


Fox News issues strong statement backing Laura Ingraham – she’ll return next week

By Robert Laurie In the past, when embattled Fox News hosts have taken a “short vacation,” it hasn’t gone well for them. For better or worse, Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling both took outrage-inspired “breaks”

Media Bias

Hillary: People are only telling me to shut up and go away because I’m a woman!

By Robert Laurie As you know, Hillary Clinton blew her last shot at the presidency over a year ago. Election day 2016 is now over 16 months in the past, and Trump has been in


Watch DNC Deputy Chair try desperately NOT to say that Dems want to repeal your tax cut

By Robert Laurie For Democrats, there’s no tax increase too massive, no tax-and-spend black hole they won’t throw your money into, and no social program too fiscally irresponsible for them to support.  They’ve never met