BOOM: 10-term Democrat congressman Joe Crowley ousted in primary by 28-year-old socialist

By Dan Calabrese

There was actually some talk that longtime New York Congressman Joe Crowley might have a shot at the House Speakership if the Democrats take the House this year, and if they finally come to their senses and stop backing the insane Nancy Pelosi.

That’s not going to happen. Apparently this very liberal congressman was not liberal enough for his New York district, which tossed him out last night in favor of 28-year-old socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Even as Ocasio-Cortez ran defiantly to his left — with universal health care, a federal jobs guarantee and the abolition of ICE headlining her demands — Crowley touted a formidable liberal record of his own. He was the first member of the House Democratic leadership to sign on in support of “Medicare for all” and has been a vocal advocate for immigrants’ rights. But he also stumbled, repeatedly, on the campaign trail, the likely residue of passing so many years without a primary test.

Citing scheduling conflicts, he missed a debate in the Bronx with Ocasio-Cortez, sending former city councilwoman Annabel Palma as a surrogate. The New York Times editorial board took note of his no-show, and warned the ambitious congressman against taking his constituents for granted

“What are we,” the board asked on behalf of voters, “chopped liver?”

In an interview hours before the polls opened Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez called his absence that night “disrespectful, not just to me but to the entire community.” On Twitter after the debate, she noted that Palma, also Latina, bore a “slight resemblance to me.”

“I understand he hasn’t been challenged for 14 years,” Ocasio-Cortez said, “but that doesn’t mean that an election isn’t happening. In fact, what’s happening right now is historic and it’s an opportunity to show up for the community.”

There is likely no difference whatsoever in the voting patterns we’ll see from Ocasio-Cortez vs. the one we saw from Crowley. Both would oppose every Trump initiative. Both would support the expansion of government, more spending and higher taxes at every turn. Both would look for ways to use the machinery of government to oppress conservative speech and religious freedom.

But what’s significant here is that liberal voters in this district were not satisfied with a solid liberal voting record and didn’t care about any advantages that may have come from Crowley’s seniority. They weren’t interested in his shot at the leadership or even at the Speakership. They want blood.

Ocasio-Cortez wants to abolish ICE, which is never going to happen and cannot happen, but is an easy amen line for left-wingers these days, as they’ve completely bought the fiction that ICE is running child concentration camps worthy of comparisons to Auschwitz.

Conservatives should recognize the pattern here. Remember when Obama was president and we’d had it with milquetoast Republican congressmen who seemed to oppose Obama’s agenda only in the most perfunctory of ways, and didn’t really seem interested in fighting to achieve anything? Now that Trump is running roughshod over their agenda, liberal voters feel the same way, and they’re tossing out veteran Democrats in favor of younger blood that will “fight,” whatever it is that they think that means or that they think it will achieve.

So now we’re sending a 28-year-old New Yorker to Congress (assuming she wins the general in November) who’d like to turn Washington D.C. into Caracas. And the only difference between her and her new Democrat colleagues is that she admits it.

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