Breaking, not shocking: Netanyahu to release ‘dramatic’ intel showing Iran violating the nuclear ‘deal’

By Robert Laurie

If you’re still foolish enough to believe that Iran is honoring – or ever had any intention of honoring – the “nuclear deal,” well ….we pity you.  Even if you ignore the Mullahs’ decades of terrorist sponsorship, hostage-taking, and lies, you have to know that they violated the agreement almost as soon as they signed it.  So, it takes a special kind of head-in-the-sand person to think their word is still their bond.

The buzz now suggests that today, at 1:00 PM ET, we’re going to see the final nail in that line of thought.  That’s when Benjamin Netanyahu is set to give a speech in which, we’re told, he will unveil intel proving that the Iranians have been ignoring the “deal” all along. I’m sure we’ll have more on this later, since (if true) it dooms the current version of Obama and Kerry’s Iranian folly.

For now, though, here’s the word from Axios:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will give a speech at 1pm ET (8pm local) laying out new evidence concerning Iran’s nuclear program, an Israeli official said. He briefed the Israeli security cabinet on the matter earlier today.

Why it matters: Israeli officials say he’ll provide dramatic information showing Iran is cheating on the deal. They say he updated President Trump on Saturday and Secretary of State Pompeo yesterday. This comes 12 days before Trump’s deadline to decide whether to stay in the deal.

From a senior Israeli official: “Israeli intelligence services have uncovered a huge amount of new and dramatic information on the Iranian nuclear program. Whoever still believes Iran signed the nuclear deal with honest intentions is going to have a very interesting time this evening.”

More as it develops.  I’d expect most of the major media outlet to carry this live…

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