Free Speech

NYT graciously admits the 1st Amendment applies to Conservatives – ‘part of the bargain’

By Robert Laurie “Have conservatives hijacked the First Amendment?” That’s the question posed by your political betters at The New York Times.  No, really. They’re actually asking that. “To be sure,” they lament, “conservatives and

Free Speech

ACLU finally admits it’s really only interested in protecting speech it agrees with

By Robert Laurie Anyone who’s spent any amount of time following national politics is aware of the capricious way the ACLU has pursued its alleged goal of supporting civil liberty.  It’s always been clear that

Free Speech

Here’s why liberals keep trying to silence conservatives, and what we can do about it

By Herman Cain If you can think back this far, you might remember a key moment during one of the 2000 presidential debates between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Gore was losing his patience


Detroit radio station bans Kanye’s music in a desperate bid to inadvertently prove Kanye’s point.

By Robert Laurie A long time ago, when I was a barely-paid Detroit News contributor, I wrote a piece about the unarguable fact that the City of Detroit will champion any and all diversity, as

Free Speech

Ace Hardware: Come to think of it, we’re not pulling our ads from Laura Ingraham’s show after all

By Dan Calabrese How quickly can David Hogg sic his fans on every single one of Ace Hardware’s vendors via Twitter? Assuming he hasn’t lost interest in being the Anthony Fremont of the modern age,


Fox News issues strong statement backing Laura Ingraham – she’ll return next week

By Robert Laurie In the past, when embattled Fox News hosts have taken a “short vacation,” it hasn’t gone well for them. For better or worse, Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling both took outrage-inspired “breaks”

Free Speech

Laura Ingraham finds out: You must not criticize David Hogg; he will sic the dogs on your advertisers

By Dan Calabrese Has this fine young man acquired enough power that it’s OK to start holding him accountable yet? Apparently it’s precisely because he’s acquired so much power that we now can’t. Laura Ingraham’s trouble