Tucker obliterates Dem Rep. calling for prosecution of gun owners who refuse confiscation

By Robert Laurie As I’ve written a hundred times now, “no one wants to take away your guns” has always been the left’s most easily identifiable lie.  Yesterday, I posted this piece discussing a magazine editor


Esquire magazine editor-at-large wants to ‘take your guns. All of your guns. Right now.’

By Robert Laurie “No one wants to take your guns.”  As I’ve written before, that’s always been the left’s most easily identifiable lie. It’s never even been a question. Of course they want to take


NRA names its new president . . . and it’s Oliver North

By Dan Calabrese Because the left apparently didn’t have enough reasons to be bonkers with rage against the National Rifle Association. Ollie North is probably getting a bit long in the tooth as a conservative


NRA enjoys record-obliterating donations in March – most from small donors

By Robert Laurie It feels like we hear the same message every day.  Everyone wants gun control. Everyone hates the “terrorist organization” known as the NRA.  The nation’s attitude is shifting toward the Democrats on


Would someone be stupid enough to call the cops on this woman? It’s Twitter, so . . .

By Dan Calabrese Of course someone would, and did. You’ll be glad to know the result of the call was exactly what you’d expect, since there’s absolutely nothing illegal or otherwise wrong with Brenna Spencer


When are you going to stand up for the majority!? Great video of gun owner goes viral after he tears into his city council and gun control advocates

By Robert Laurie I don’t have much to add to the following video except to say: “I bet the average law-abiding gun owner has said this a thousand times around their dinner table.” Also, I’d


Sheriff accidentally leaves his gun at a school; the gun doesn’t get up and shoot anyone

By Dan Calabrese Shepherd Middle School in Michigan’s Mecosta County wasn’t a gun-free zone for a day last month, and it was the fault of none other than Mecosta County Sheriff Michael Main. Main had


Fox News issues strong statement backing Laura Ingraham – she’ll return next week

By Robert Laurie In the past, when embattled Fox News hosts have taken a “short vacation,” it hasn’t gone well for them. For better or worse, Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling both took outrage-inspired “breaks”


Trump agrees with audience member: Repealing the 2nd Amendment is tyranny

By Robert Laurie Democrats want the 2nd Amendment gone.  The elimination of your right to bear arms has been at or near the top of their agenda for years.  For a long time, they danced


They can’t get gun control, so Democrats introduce ‘common sense’ bullet control legislation

By Robert Laurie