Trump to sign executive order ending separation of illegal immigrant families

By Dan Calabrese I’m not sure how this is legal, and it probably puts an end to any hope that Congress will fix the law so the solution would be legal. I guess at this

Hollywood Degenerates

Hollywood hero calls for attacking the schools of ICE agents’ children, kidnapping Barron Trump, stripping and whipping Kristjen Nielsen

By Robert Laurie As you read the following, remember: @Jack, apparently, condones all of this. If you follow me on Twitter (or Herman) you may recall that I was sent to the “conservative Twitter Gulag”


McConnell to move legislation this week that would allow border patrol to jail or deport families together

By Dan Calabrese Given the rising pseudo-outrage over the status quo, you’d think this would be the easiest pass in the history of Senate legislation. I’m not so sure. If Congress passes the law President


Trump to Congress: If you want us to stop separating families at the border, then change the law that tells us to

By Dan Calabrese During the Obama years Congress got used to the idea that the president would simply ignore laws he didn’t like, or didn’t agree with, or could get more political mileage out of


Here’s the real story on ‘migrant children separated from parents’, and it’s nothing like what you’re hearing

By Dan Calabrese As is usually the case, the latest Trump outrage as presented to you by the self-righteous media is not an accurate reflection of what’s really going on. If you’ve been listening to


Overwhelming majority of Americans perfectly ok with calling MS-13 ‘Animals’

By Robert Laurie Sometimes I’m baffled about the things pollsters choose to examine.  I get polling policies or candidates, but stuff like this?  I’m shocked that anyone, anywhere, actually thought “hey we really need to


Democrats accidentally spend the weekend trashing Obama’s immigration policy

By Robert Laurie Republicans are monsters.  Donald Trump is a monster. Pretty much every conservative is a hateful bigot who despises the “other.”  Any and all possible actions that could – in any way –


Chuck Schumer spends the day defending MS-13 from Trump’s ‘animal’ comments

By Robert Laurie Democrats sure do seem to have a lot of strange “protected classes” lately. Obviously, they’ve always liked to put people into groups, fan the flames of a victim mentality, and then play


Seven GOP-governed states sue Trump Administration demanding end to DACA

By Dan Calabrese It’s easy to support non-enforcement of immigration law if the bulk of the problem isn’t right in your backyard. If you’re Texas, and the federal government announces it won’t do anything about


DEVELOPING: U.S. Border Patrol allows 8 migrant caravan members to enter country near San Diego; dozens more wait

By Dan Calabrese They’re not sneaking in. They’re not swimming across the Rio Grande. The much-ballyhooed “migrant caravan” showed up at the border late last night near San Diego, and the Border Patrol was waiting