Impeach Impeach Impeach!

Trump calls New York Times editorial ‘gutless’ – and he’s right. If things are that bad…

By Robert Laurie Earlier, Dan discussed the anonymous New York Times editorial that has the political world in a tizzy. It paints a picture of a barely-sane President, an administration working to control his radical

Impeach Impeach Impeach!

ABC/WaPo poll: Americans want Congress to impeach Trump by 49-46 margin

By Dan Calabrese No, I don’t think this is an entirely accurate reflection of where the public is. But I also don’t think it should be lightly dismissed. The media have been beating into people’s

Impeach Impeach Impeach!

Deval Patrick: ‘Yeah’ I’d support impeaching Trump if Dems reclaim the House

By Robert Laurie Deval Patrick is just one of those names that won’t go away. The former Massachusetts Governor has become a staple of the Sunday morning news shows, he appears regularly at Democratic campaign

Destroying People For Sport

MSNBC hot take: Trump’s Putin presser just like ‘Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht’

By Robert Laurie If you follow me over on Twitter, and you should, you know I don’t think Trump had a great day yesterday.  No, I don’t think it was “Treason.” I don’t think it

Impeach Impeach Impeach!

Maxine Waters makes it clear Dems will impeach Trump if they win in 2018 – no matter what Pelosi says

By Robert Laurie Democrats want Donald Trump impeached.  No, they don’t have a good reason.  They have a bunch of conspiracy theories, the unarguable fact that he said some unpleasant stuff in a bus, and