The young fresh face of the Democratic-socialist party has no idea what she’s talking about re: Israel

By Robert Laurie I’m willing to bet it went something like this:  A 20-year-old college socialist heard the phrase “Israeli occupation of Palestine” over and over again.  As her political views solidified, and she made


Dianne Feinstein is just too right-wing for the now-socialist Democratic Party

By Robert Laurie It was no secret that hardcore progressives – who now view lifelong leftist Dianne Feinstein as some kind of right-wing overlord – were going to attempt to stomp California deeper into the


BOOM: 10-term Democrat congressman Joe Crowley ousted in primary by 28-year-old socialist

By Dan Calabrese There was actually some talk that longtime New York Congressman Joe Crowley might have a shot at the House Speakership if the Democrats take the House this year, and if they finally


More truth from Maxine Waters: Schumer and Pelosi ‘don’t really say I’m out of line’

By Robert Laurie Ever since Maxine Waters made her comments calling for mobs to harass prominent Republicans, the media has been rife with stories about Democrats who are allegedly denouncing her.  The narrative is that


Sorry, George Will, but no. Voting Democrat because you don’t like Trump is absolutely imbecilic

By Robert Laurie Once upon a time, bow-tied ‘conservative’ titans roamed the Earth. They were staples of every Sunday news show for decades, their magazines and columns defined the bland, soft spoken, country-club civility of

Hollywood Degenerates

Hollywood hero calls for attacking the schools of ICE agents’ children, kidnapping Barron Trump, stripping and whipping Kristjen Nielsen

By Robert Laurie As you read the following, remember: @Jack, apparently, condones all of this. If you follow me on Twitter (or Herman) you may recall that I was sent to the “conservative Twitter Gulag”


Minnesota Democrat’s ‘Dumpster Fire’ campaign ad is ….something.

By Robert Laurie I’ll be honest.  I have never based a single vote on a campaign ad and I don’t know anyone who has.  I can’t imagine being so devoid of personal conviction that a


Gallup: “Right track” response highest in 12 years – Trump approval ties his personal best

By Robert Laurie I’ve written before about the fact that liberals require misery to win. A happy, successful, country is not a place where their doomsaying can find purchase, so the better things are going,


Dem 2018 Congressional candidate: Trump’s win felt a lot like the attacks on 9/11!

By Robert Laurie The left hates Donald Trump with the white-hot fiery passion of a thousand suns.  Not only did he usurp America’s rightful statist queen, he got into office and actually did some of


Elizabeth Warren is ‘filled with terror’ about her party’s 2018 midterm chances

By Robert Laurie I don’t want to give anyone a false sense of security, but I’d take this as a good sign.  Elizabeth Warren is “filled with terror” about her party’s ability to take at