Ruben Gallego: (D-AZ): Repubs are ‘cowards’ and ‘we’re 60 days from totally kicking the s**t’ out of them

By Robert Laurie Remember Arizona Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego?  He’s the guy who famously threatened that ICE agents would “not be safe when the worm turns” and Democrats re-take control of the government. He’s also


NBC polling: Trump approval steady after horrible week of ‘fool’s gold’ news stories

By Robert Laurie “Trump’s about to be prosecuted. These revelations will either result in impeachment or guarantee that he loses in 2020. This time, we’ve really got him.” For the last week, this has been


CNN: Pelosi blaming the media for her problems is ‘Trumpian’

By Robert Laurie Oooooooh…. CNN just went for the low blow. Yesterday, we discussed Nancy Pelosi’s belief that NBC – a network almost entirely populated by Democrats – was out to get her. According to


Dems losing steam in midterm generic poll – advantage falls to under 4 points

By Robert Laurie If you were a Republican who got your news solely from outlets like NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN, you’d think the whole country hated you.  The powerful drumbeat of negativity is ugly,


Pelosi: NBC is out to undermine me as speaker – and Dems should just say whatever they need to win

By Robert Laurie Whether she’s talking about “Russian collusion” or claiming that “God sent Trump to remind us we’re racist,” Nancy Pelosi seems to love a good conspiracy theory. Usually, she invokes them to cover


Trump-backed conservative, Iraq veteran upsets establishment favorite in Michigan Senate primary

By Dan Calabrese Sandy Pensler probably would have been a good soldier for Mitch McConnell. He would have pleased local business leaders, brought federal dollars back to Michigan and generally voted yes on Republican-backed legislation.

Media Bias

NBC sorry to report their new poll: Trump approval up, Dem generic lead down, but….

By Robert Laurie Sometimes I wonder what it’s like in an old-media newsroom these days. You did everything you could to get Hillary elected – and failed.  In defiance of your best efforts, a man


Seth Moulton (D, MA): We’re going to need more than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if we’re going to win

By Robert Laurie To one degree or another, Democrats have always embraced socialism. From FDR’s 100% tax plan to the ObamaCare fiasco, Dems are perpetually searching for new ways to “spread the wealth around.”  Looking


The young fresh face of the Democratic-socialist party has no idea what she’s talking about re: Israel

By Robert Laurie I’m willing to bet it went something like this:  A 20-year-old college socialist heard the phrase “Israeli occupation of Palestine” over and over again.  As her political views solidified, and she made


Dianne Feinstein is just too right-wing for the now-socialist Democratic Party

By Robert Laurie It was no secret that hardcore progressives – who now view lifelong leftist Dianne Feinstein as some kind of right-wing overlord – were going to attempt to stomp California deeper into the