North Korea

U.S. sanctions major Russian bank for slipping transactions to North Korea

By Dan Calabrese Donald Trump continues to be the worst Vladimir Putin lapdog ever, and actual U.S. policy toward Russia continues to be wildly at odds with the narrative the media sells you about Trump

North Korea

Now that’s more like it: Pompeo says North Korea sanctions will remain in effect until complete denuclearization

By Dan Calabrese Of course, I guess this still rises and falls on how you define “complete denuclearization.” If it means the Norks cleaim they dismantled their facilities and we just take them at the

North Korea

This Trump/Kim agreement sounds an awful lot like one signed 24 years ago . . . by the United States and North Korea

By Dan Calabrese Are you making history when you do something that was already done – and failed – less than a generation ago? A lot of you were angry with me yesterday for casting

North Korea

Morning Joe and Mika praise Trump’s NK summit – and it kills them to do so

By Robert Laurie Look, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t nuts about Obama’s handling of the Castros, and I’m similarly not crazy about seeing the U.S. flag brush up against North Korea’s.  Kim Jong Un is

North Korea

Trump, Bowl Cut Jr. sign piece of paper vowing to work on more pieces of paper

By Dan Calabrese It’s not Neville Chamberlain and “peace in our time” because we didn’t give him Czechoslovakia, which would have been a neat trick anyway since it no longer exists. But I’m not sure


The left wants their country to fail – as long as Trump takes the blame

By Robert Laurie Long time readers will know that I’ve often written of my belief that there’s absolutely nothing the left won’t sacrifice if it serves their broader agenda.  In the blink of an eye,

North Korea

Seven must-haves to keep the North Korea nuclear deal (if there is one) from being like Kerry’s Iran disgrace

By Dan Calabrese I guess this is happening. I want to have high hopes, but how can you when you know you’re negotiating with someone who offers no reason to trust him? And I still

North Korea

Trump on NK: ‘They have to de-nuke’; anything else is ‘not acceptable’

By Robert Laurie Does anyone really know what to expect from a meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald J. Trump?  Probably not.  Anyone who tells you that they know how the summit will shake

North Korea

Oy: Trump says North Korea summit back on

By Dan Calabrese I liked it better when it was canceled, simply because the only real solution to the North Korea problem is the end of the Kim regime, and Trump may think he’s a

North Korea

Nancy, the yapping is not helping

By Herman Cain Nancy Pelosi is the latest yapper about the potential meeting with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un. She jumped right out declared President Trump’s decision to not hold the face to face