Giant crying-baby Saidq Khan balloon being prepped in London

By Robert Laurie Remember the “giant” Trump-baby balloon that took to the very-low-altitude skies during the President’s UK visit this summer?  After months of hype the thing was revealed and it was, in a word,

Destroying People For Sport

MSNBC hot take: Trump’s Putin presser just like ‘Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht’

By Robert Laurie If you follow me over on Twitter, and you should, you know I don’t think Trump had a great day yesterday.  No, I don’t think it was “Treason.” I don’t think it


This is all they’ve got: Keith Ellison in a Trump wig singing about porn stars

By Robert Laurie The Democrat engines have sputtered and flamed out.  Now, they’re in a steep, out of control, dive – spiraling into the 2018 midterms like Goose in Top Gun.  So, they’re trying anything

Media Bias

MSNBC hot take: ‘I don’t know the difference between Baghdad Bob and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’

By Robert Laurie The left looks at the very existence of this administration as a personal failure. SHE was never supposed to lose. Come hell or high water, Hillary Clinton was going to become President


Petty to the end, McCain makes it known he doesn’t want Trump to attend his funeral

By Dan Calabrese Say, isn’t it a tad presumptuous to think he’d plan to anyway? But that’s John McCain, petty and vindictive right to the end. This is a guy who will go on all


GQ Magazine: ‘You know, The Holy Bible is a totally overrated book. Try this instead….’

By Robert Laurie At one time, GQ was a men’s magazine about fashion and lifestyle. They’d offer advice on clothes, watches, cars – things of that nature. It was uniformly high-end, and they became the


Breaking: Desperate DNC files lawsuit alleging Russia/Trump/Wikileaks collusion

By Robert Laurie I’m a “glass is half full” kinda guy, so I’m going to go ahead and view this as good news. Apparently, the combined power of the votes she didn’t get, states she ignored,

Media Bias

Eating their own: Ed Schultz says he was fired because MSNBC was in the tank for Hillary

By Robert Laurie Remember Ed Schultz?  No? Really? Wow.  How time flies.  Ed Schultz was an MSNBC host (and hardcore leftist) who was famous for his outlandish rants.  At one point, he was one of


WARNING! “Tarantula Burgers” are a thing that exists now.

By Robert Laurie I’ve done a lot of travelling in my time.  I’ve been to 47 states, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 countries, and I’ve enjoyed the local cuisine everywhere I’ve been.  I’m not


With a straight face, Al Gore says American democracy will probably survive Donald Trump, but it’s going to be a ‘stiff challenge’

By Robert Laurie I get it.  You’re sitting there, nervously twiddling your thumbs, and you’re worrying. I want you to know that I understand your concerns. I know you’re scared, and I know what you’re