Maxine Waters: ‘Comey has no credibility’ – except when he’s trashing Trump. Then, ‘I believe him’

By Robert Laurie As you probably know, Democrats can’t stand James Comey.  They think he’s an incompetent liar who’s in over his head and has tarnished the good name of the FBI.  He has no


We’re outnumbered in the media, but here’s how we can overcome it

By Herman Cain The results this administration is getting should be an asset for our side, but the rhetoric of the liberals suggests none of this has even happened. The liberal voices outnumber us because


With a straight face, Al Gore says American democracy will probably survive Donald Trump, but it’s going to be a ‘stiff challenge’

By Robert Laurie I get it.  You’re sitting there, nervously twiddling your thumbs, and you’re worrying. I want you to know that I understand your concerns. I know you’re scared, and I know what you’re

Law Enforcement

The ‘Women’s March’ is outraged that the feds shut down a website that facilitated the sex trafficking of women and children

By Robert Laurie On Friday, the feds seized a despicable website known as Backpage.com and charged its founder with 93 counts related to human trafficking. If you’ve never heard of the site, congratulations. That’s probably

Media Bias

This one tweet tells you everything you’ll ever need to know about Bill Kristol – Michelle Obama 2020!?

By Robert Laurie Once upon a time, Bill Kristol was basically synonymous with the “conservative movement.”  Those days are long, long, loooooong gone. Whatever conservative cache he once had has been piddled away in an


DNC Black Caucus Chair tells Keith Ellison she’s ‘a former black panther’ and ‘We’ve got to turn back to the revolution’ …Keith sees camera, looks mighty nervous

By Robert Laurie During a Saturday afternoon Town Hall in Detroit, Michigan, DNC Black Caucus Chairwoman Virgie Rollins eagerly informed DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison that she was a former member of the Black Panther

Media Bias

Hillary: People are only telling me to shut up and go away because I’m a woman!

By Robert Laurie As you know, Hillary Clinton blew her last shot at the presidency over a year ago. Election day 2016 is now over 16 months in the past, and Trump has been in


Keep fighting for positive results

By Herman Cain I recall from my studies of mathematics that the sum of all positive numbers and all negative numbers is zero. I suddenly realized that this is the quest of politics in hopes