Russia all the things

Swamp-friendly ‘The Hill’ tells how Fusion GPS pushed Russia investigation with uncorroborated claims

By Dan Calabrese The most notable thing here is obviously the details themselves. They’re absolutely devastating to the Obama DOJ and Trump/Russia collusion narrative. The upshot is that, after Trump won the election, Hillary’s bought-and-paid-for

Russia all the things

U.S. smacks Russia with sanctions over nerve agent attack in UK

By Dan Calabrese Vladimir Putin needs to give Donald Trump a call. He needs to explain to him how an American president goes about being a lapdog to his Russian counterpart. Because all we hear

Russia all the things

On the heels of primary losses, hardcore leftist Alyssa Milano makes the case for voter ID

By Robert Laurie For whatever reason, former child star turned reality-show host has emerged as a major voice on the left.  She’s a constant Trump critic, an obnoxiously vocal gun control advocate, and someone who

Russia all the things

Trump: Sessions should end Mueller’s investigation right now

By Dan Calabrese Well. This train long ago left the station, but the Mueller investigation never should have happened in the first place. Jeff Sessions never should have recused himself over a perfectly innocuous meeting


Gallup: Literally no one cares about the ‘Russian situation’ – but they REALLY care about immigration

By Robert Laurie Obviously, the most important issue facing the nation is Russia.  We hear about it on every lousy news channel, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Given its prominent position on

Russia all the things

Hillary surrogate Richard Blumenthal: Russian meddling is just like 9/11!

By Robert Laurie As much as I may try, I can’t share all of it with you. The party that has chosen to embrace socialism is coming completely unglued, and they view every single TV

FBI Corruption

Rudy Giuliani joins President Trump’s personal legal team, teases end of Mueller probe in ‘a week or two’

By Robert Laurie I sincerely believe that Democrats were sure Donald Trump would be – if not imprisoned – removed from office before the end of his first year as President. They were absolutely positive