Kavanaugh Nomination

Dem Joe Manchin: Kavanaugh a ‘very fine person’ with ‘all the right qualities’

By Robert Laurie Imagine you’re a leftist Democrat. I know it’s horribly unpleasant, but don’t worry. I won’t make you do this for long. Just imagine you’re a leftist Democrat. You just lost what you

Kavanaugh Nomination

Game already over: Enjoy this clip of media lefties acknowledging how great Kavanaugh is

By Robert Laurie Yesterday, I offered this collection of left-wingers indulging in a pre-planned freakout over the Kavanaugh nomination.  This morning, Dan shared a video of some of the same politically-neutered folks screeching and wailing

Supreme Court

A long-term, conservative SCOTUS majority: We might need one more retirement to get it

By Dan Calabrese I would like nothing better than for Clarence Thomas to live forever and to serve on the Supreme Court until it’s no longer needed because Jesus Christ has commenced His thousand-year reign.

Seething Liberal Rage Made Personal

Left-wing meltdown: Kavanaugh will kill millions, implement Sharia law, ban contraception, reduce wages, destroy voting rights!

By Robert Laurie At the top of this page, you’ll see a picture of Cory Booker surrounded by “Stop Kavanaugh” signs. This image was posted on Twitter at roughly 9:13 PM last night. Considering the

Media Bias

CNN’s Chris Cillizza makes an absolute fool of himself amid Kavanaugh nomination

By Robert Laurie Let’s face it.  If you work for CNN, you’re part of a machine that’s pushing a very specific agenda. Your goal is to attack, demonize, and bring down the presidency of Donald

Supreme Court

Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh for U.S. Supreme Court

By Dan Calabrese I guess in the end it didn’t matter to Trump that Kavanaugh served in the hated Bush Administration. The Federalist Society is excited about him, most of the base adores him and

Supreme Court

Strategically, Barrett is Trump’s best choice for SCOTUS. Here’s why: Hint . . . think midterms, 2020

By Robert Laurie Tonight at 9PM, President Trump will unveil his next Supreme Court nominee. That person will, immediately, be reviled by the left. They will be branded a racist, a misogynist, a Nazi, a

Supreme Court

NYT columnist comes unglued on MSNBC: Justice Kennedy ‘betrayed the nation’ – is ‘destroying’ it

By Robert Laurie Panic! Hysteria! Rage! Hand-wringing and hyperbole! The left is in free fall right now, and they seem to be blissfully unaware that the fear tactics they’re still employing are the very things

Supreme Court

Mitch McConnell mockingly responds to Schumer’s call for Merrick Garland SCOTUS nomination

By Robert Laurie For years, it seemed like there was no fight that Mitch McConnell wasn’t prepared to lose. Like most conservative outlets, that meant we gave Mitch quite a bit of (well deserved) grief.

Supreme Court

Report: Trump narrows SCOTUS list to two names – reveal Monday night at 9pm

By Robert Laurie The nomination of the next Supreme Court nominee has the media in a tizzy, conservatives excited, and Democrats in as sort of bipolar hysteria that careens wildly back and forth between rage