Trump Derangement Syndrome

Michael Moore: Trump’s an ‘evil genius’ who beat the ‘smartest person ever to run for President’ – wrote the NYT op-ed himself

By Robert Laurie Michael Moore has had a tough couple of years.  Please note; that’s not sympathy.  It’s just a statement of fact. His Broadway show went down in flames, the man he considers to

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Mikkos Trump: Washington Post comes right out and blames president for Hurricane Florence

By Dan Calabrese This is good stuff. Some of the best. The same paper that employs and celebrates the man whose book claims the Trump White House is in chaos and Trump is a complete

Trump Derangement Syndrome

‘The Week’ panics as TDS sets in: Trump will repeal 22nd Amendment, President forever!

By Robert Laurie Everywhere you look, you see them: Panicked progressives and NeverTrumpers, running wild in the streets, screaming that the sky is falling. America – democracy itself – is doomed and soon we will

Trump Derangement Syndrome

NYT columnist, MSNBC panelist: Trump would like to round people up, murder them without due process!

By Robert Laurie Tax cuts killed you, the repeal of net neutrality killed you, Gorsuch killed you, immigration laws killed you, the end of the individual mandate killed you, Russian meddling killed you, and the

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings jokes about letting the President drown in the Potomac

By Robert Laurie If you’ve read anything I’ve written over the course of the last decade, you’re know that I was not a fan of Barack Obama’s presidency.  Precious little came from his tenure that

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Eyeroll: Bill Kristol to challenge Trump in 2020 primaries?

By Robert Laurie If you’re part of the NeverTrump crowd, you probably think Bill Kristol is a conservative stalwart who’s sticking to his principles via an endless anti-Trump diatribe.  If you’re a Trump loyalist, you

Destroying People For Sport

Cory Booker: If you support Kavanaugh’s nomination, you’re “complicit in the evil”

By Robert Laurie Democrats think this is helping their cause. They think that, if they say something enough, the media will repeat it ad nauseum and eventually people will believe it. No matter how crazy

Russia all the things

Hillary surrogate Richard Blumenthal: Russian meddling is just like 9/11!

By Robert Laurie As much as I may try, I can’t share all of it with you. The party that has chosen to embrace socialism is coming completely unglued, and they view every single TV

Trump Derangement Syndrome

No, silly Democrats, Trump did not ‘commit treason,’ says . . . the Washington Post?

By Dan Calabrese I’ll say this for the Washington Post. They’re a stunningly dishonest newspaper, but they’re more self-aware than, say, the New York Times in the sense that they know when joining in on

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Stay classy, Hollywood: George Lopez urinates on Trump’s Walk of Fame star while cameras roll

By Dan Calabrese I guess he doesn’t mind that you think of him as a dick. We share this advisedly, but it’s one of those things there’s no point ignoring. It’s where the culture is,