Here’s what Kavanaugh supposely ‘did’ according to the Feinstein letter; it’s a…

By Robert Laurie Earlier, Dan told you that the FBI was not going to be investigating the last-minute, completely anonymous, probable-smear against Brett Kavanaugh. The now-infamous “secret letter” allegedly details something Kavanaugh did in high

Kavanaugh Nomination

MSNBC: Violent threats aimed at Susan Collins show ‘passion’ and concern for ‘women’s rights’

By Robert Laurie It’s no secret that there are a few Republican Senators who’ve raised the ire of conservatives.  Folks like Murkowski, McCain, and Susan Collins have shown an almost preternatural ability to get under


Politico outlines doomed last-ditch effort to stop Kavanaugh, as Salon throws in the towel

By Robert Laurie Since day one, I’ve said that the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was a fait accompli. Barring a political miracle/disaster, I argued that Kavanaugh had a 100% chance of being the next Supreme


Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker succeeds in proving Kavanaugh is against racial profiling

By Robert Laurie I don’t know if the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to self-destruct, or if they’re just frazzled because they have no way to stop the Kavanaugh nomination.  Either way,


Elizabeth Warren: This Kavanaugh guy was ‘pre-screened by right-wing extremist groups!’

By Robert Laurie For months, the Democrats have been rummaging through the personal and professional life of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Their goal is to uncover something, anything, that would empower their efforts to

Russia all the things

On the heels of primary losses, hardcore leftist Alyssa Milano makes the case for voter ID

By Robert Laurie For whatever reason, former child star turned reality-show host has emerged as a major voice on the left.  She’s a constant Trump critic, an obnoxiously vocal gun control advocate, and someone who


CNN sounds the alarm: Hispanic midterm support not solidifying for Dems

By Robert Laurie You’ve heard it all before.  Trump’s racist, Trump’s evil, Trump’s hates …well… pretty much everyone. That’s been the non-stop drumbeat of CNN’s 24/7 news coverage since before Hillary Clinton collapsed (figuratively, of


Apparently, ‘The walls are closing in’ on President Trump

By Robert Laurie If the media has a hobby, it’s predicting the political (if not literal) demise of Donald J. Trump.  Thanks, in part, to their pre-nomination efforts, Trump managed to demolish their would-be Queen.

Socialism Kills

$32 Trillion – ‘That’s trillion with a T.’ – The Associated Press notices how expensive single payer would be

By Robert Laurie Socialism. Embracing it is America’s hot new left-wing trend.  Most people aren’t dumb enough to buy in, but it does have a foothold on the coasts.  Despite the abject unworkability of their


BREAKING: GOP Congressmen introduce resolution to impeach Rod Rosenstein

By Robert Laurie For weeks, we’ve been hearing rumors that impeachment proceedings against Rod Rosenstein were right around the corner.  Well, welcome to the other side of the corner.  Tonight, conservatives in the House of Representatives introduced a