This is all they’ve got: Keith Ellison in a Trump wig singing about porn stars

By Robert Laurie The Democrat engines have sputtered and flamed out.  Now, they’re in a steep, out of control, dive – spiraling into the 2018 midterms like Goose in Top Gun.  So, they’re trying anything


BREAKING: Gina Haspel confirmed as first female CIA Director

By Robert Laurie I’ll give them this:  They really tried their best to torpedo the first female CIA Director.  It was a valiant effort but, in the end, the left-wing smears were not enough to

International Relations

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem officially opens, President Trump issues video statement

By Robert Laurie Today, after decades of delays, President Trump finally fulfilled a promise made way back in 1995 when Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act.  Passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, the Act ordered the


Tom Steyer beclowns himself, comapres Trump to Hitler, and says we should impeach before he kills millions of people

By Robert Laurie Remember Tom Steyer? Sure you do.  He’s the far-left billionaire activist who wasted mountains of cash trying to drag Hillary Clinton across the presidential finish line.  When all was said and done,


CNN’s new midterm poll is bad news for Dems

By Robert Laurie In 2016 we all learned an object lesson about public polling.  The merits of polls are debatable, they’re often (disastrously) wrong, and they’ve increasingly become nothing more than a way of pushing


Breaking: Live video of Trump Iran Deal announcement

By Robert Laurie The livestream of President Trumjp’s announcement, in which he’s expected to dump the Iran “deal” is here.  Feel free to watch along with us.  Let us know what you think below, or


Former Dem Sen. Robert Torricelli: Dems don’t deserve to govern, because their message isn’t good enough

By Robert Laurie There are a lot of reasons Democrats don’t deserve to govern.  Their ideas are horrible, they trend toward the destruction of the constitution at every opportunity, your rights are an annoyance to


RIP “Boy Scouts,” 1910-2018 – organization changes its name to reflect the admission of girls

By Robert Laurie We talked a bit about the Boy Scouts of America last fall, when they first announced their plan to admit girls ‘into every level of the organization.’  Back then, I wrote: “I’m


Epic backfire! New book details Hillary campaign’s desire to promote and ‘maximize’ Trump as GOP nominee

By Robert Laurie Every time I’ve written about the field of 2016 Republican primary candidates, I’ve made the same point.  There may have been 17 hats in the ring, but only two people ever stood

Media Bias

Hillary: People are only telling me to shut up and go away because I’m a woman!

By Robert Laurie As you know, Hillary Clinton blew her last shot at the presidency over a year ago. Election day 2016 is now over 16 months in the past, and Trump has been in