Congrats, ‘fight for $15.’ McDonalds to have self-serve kiosks in all locations within 2 years

By Robert Laurie It seems that I’ve been writing about this for years now.  As the fight for fifteen movement gathered steam, and saw some success on the coasts, it became clear that fast food


Democratic Party chairman: SCOTUS ‘took away rights of American workers’ by not forcing them to pay union dues

By Dan Calabrese To them, this really makes sense. To them, there’s no irony whatsoever to this statement. How can that be? It’s because when Democrats talk about “rights,” they don’t really mean rights. The


More winning: SCOTUS rules forced public sector union dues unconstitutional

By Robert Laurie As you’re probably aware, the Democratic Party has money troubles.  Their 2016 presidential candidate was an atrociously expensive failure, and they’ve been having serious trouble raising funds since her implosion. Back in


Death blow: SCOTUS inflicts mortal wound on unions, strikes down mandatory dues from those who don’t want to join

By Dan Calabrese We’ve thought for months that this might be coming, and both the public sector unions of America and their primary beneficiary – the Democratic Party – have been bracing for impact. BOOM.