Dick Cheney: Trump should totally bring back waterboarding

By Dan Calabrese

If ever there was an American public servant who did what duty required in a time of the nation’s need, only to be scurrilously vilified for it by people not worthy to lick dog crap off the bottom of the man’s shoes, Dick Cheney is that public servant.

And God love him, he has never once wavered from his belief in what needed to be done, nor in his willingness to defend it no matter how strongly the political winds might be blowing against it.

Cheney knows that in the aftermath of 9/11, there were more attacks in the offing, and that we needed to get intel about them so we could stop them. Cheney knows we didn’t have the luxury of being dainty with the terrorists we caught and detained at Gitmo. If they didn’t want to tell us what we needed to know, then we needed to make them understand they’d better tell us.

And while the Beltway crowd is wringing its hands today because it’s now fashionable to be shocked – shocked – by this, Dick Cheney does not care and never has cared what’s fashionable. All he cares about his what he knows is right. We waterboarded then. And he thinks we should waterboard now too:

Damn straight.

Now I realize there are political and legal arguments against going back to this. The political argument is that the national consensus has turned against it, which has happened because most people have forgotten about what 9/11 was like and lost their nerve for the fight against the people who did it. The legal argument is that anyone involved in waterboarding is liable to face legal jeopardy later on, even if Congress were to get rid of the law it passed in 2005 banning the practice.

But as a technique in counterterrorism, we absolutely should use it. If this is what’s required to get the information that can save innocents, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jesus would connect the jumper cables Himself rather than let innocents die. Of course, Jesus doesn’t need to torture anyone to get information because He’s God and He knows everything anyway.

We don’t. So if the terrorists won’t tell us what we need to know, then it’s a shame our leaders aren’t more like Dick Cheney.

I actually suspect President Trump personally believes waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques are perfectly justified, but figures it’s not worth the political and legal headaches of trying to bring them back. But that doesn’t make Dick Cheney any less right.

I hope some day America realizes what a fine man it turned against.

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