VIDEO: Chris Pratt tells crowd at MTV Awards that God is real and they should learn to pray (and they cheered)

By Dan Calabrese

I do have one quibble here: He tells them grace is a free gift that was paid for with someone else’s blood, but he doesn’t name the someone else.

Kind of a significant oversight. If you’re willing to go as far as this at an event like the MTV Awards, why not go all the way and actually give testimony to the name of Jesus Christ?

That’s not an insignificant quibble, but that doesn’t mean he deserves no credit for going as far as he did, and he went pretty far:

If the cheering surprises you, well, it surprises me too. Maybe I’ve underestimated the MTV crowd. Maybe they really do want the power of God in their lives and no one around them ever tells them about it or makes it real to them.

Then again, I wonder if they’d have cheered as much if he hadn’t kind of soft-pedaled the grace message. He’s right that none of us are perfect. I’m not sure he’s right that God designed us that way, as opposed to giving us a perfect design that became corrupted by sin, but I have no problem with telling people that the correct response to their imperfections is to seek the grace of Christ rather than hating themselves over it.

But I bet if he’d said “sin” instead of the more audience-friendly “nobody’s perfect”, the cheers would not have been as universal. And I wonder what MTV would have done if he’d mentioned the name of the One whose blood was shed.

We all know Pratt is a Christian and we all know what he meant. It was an extraordinary message for the MTV Awards. (Plus, we learned how to keep poop from stinking at a party.)

And it was almost a powerful testimony.


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