Come on, the left loves Roseanne’s racist tweet because now they can shove another ‘teachable moment’ down our throats

By Dan Calabrese

One of the biggest falsehoods in the world today is that liberals hate racism. They most certainly do not. They love it.

Racism is the lifeblood of the left. Racism provides the context for the left to point at all of society and claim that people can’t be allowed to operate independent of societal engineering by the political/activist class. Racism is used to explain things like “income inequality” and provides the justification for wealth redistribution (with the federal bureaucracy taking its fair cut, of course).

Racism provides the narrative for America as a fundamentally unjust society, thereby justifying everything from interventions into free markets to the emasculation of law enforcement.

And when all else fails, cries of racism serve as the rationale not to elect people who are otherwise unobjectionable except insofar as they oppose the above-described agenda.

The left would be dead if there were not enough people left who believe that racism is alive and well and responsible for just about every evil on Earth.

The problem for the left is that real, unmistakable examples of racism are hard to find. They’ll be happy to extrapolate a racist motive from words or actions that reveal no obvious racism of their own volition. They have to work with what they’ve got. But the moments they dream of are the ones when a person of prominence – especially one they can clearly identify as opposite them politically – goes so totally and obviously off the rails with an expression of racist nonsense, they don’t even have to explain why it’s racist. They can simply hyperventilate about it for all to see, because the offending statement speaks for itself.

That’s why Roseanne Barr’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett and the Planet of the Apes was not, as you’ve been led to believe, a source of sadness and sorrow for the left. Are you kidding me? It was the greatest day the left has had in a long time. Inside the DNC, the New York Times and CNN were surely high-fives and fist-pumping before they went to work on the usual moralizing commentaries.

Roseanne could not be a better foil. She’s famous. She’s outrageous. She loves Donald Trump. And she represents a gigantic takedown. When you can get the number one sitcom in the country canceled, just like that, because racism is alive and well, you’ve had a very big day.

And you’re set up in that case to do what you really want to do – point fingers and moralize. The left is at its insufferable worst when it thinks it’s been handed a “teachable moment,” and I regret to inform you that one of those moments is at hand:

I bet you’re relieved to know that Valerie Jarrett is fine. Of course she’s fine. She hasn’t had this much affirming attention since she was running the country.

It’s never enough to take down the offending racist. It has to become an excuse to lecture everyone about how ignorant they are, how privileged they are, how insensitive they are. The whole thing about the woman grabbing her purse is a perfect case in point. In ValerieJarrettLand, every white person is a latent racist who assumes – upon seeing the black man approaching on the street – that he is looking to snatch her purse.

This is drilled into black people’s heads, that every nonverbal you see – every twitch, every adjustment in a certain direction, every turn of the head, every raising or lowering of the eye – is clear and obvious proof that white person is scared of you, hates you, is judging you and demeans your humanity. So they see it and they’re sure that’s what it is, because that’s what they’ve been taught from listening to the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

They’re also taught that the police are looking for an excuse to shoot them, which is leading a lot of young black men to flee from the police in what would otherwise be entirely innocuous encounters, and as a result get themselves shot. Which is then blamed on the racism of the police in yet another teachable moment.

The left is absolutely giddy over what Roseanne said. It furthers their narrative. It gives them an opportunity to scold the rest of the country. And it allows them to hang Roseanne’s sentiments around the neck of Donald Trump. The left will probably mark the date of that tweet and celebrate it in subsequent years. It will become a standard union demand that employees get a paid day off to celebrate Roseanne Racist Tweet Day.

Don’t be fooled for a minute by the left’s pseudo-rage or by the media’s handwringing. This is one of the greatest days of their lives. The only thing they like better is an actual race riot, because it’s everything I mentioned above and the video footage is better.

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