Coming Monday, August 6: A new home for the New Herman Cain Show!

By Herman Cain

I have big news for you. The Herman Cain Show is moving, and it’s going to be easier than ever for you to not only listen but watch too.

Starting Monday, August 6, the Herman Cain Show will be exclusive here on, and will come to you via the Facebook Live video format. You can stream it via your Facebook news feed, via our Facebook page, or by visiting

My last day on the air at WSB will be Friday, August 3, although I will continue to work for WSB doing special interviews and other features. You can hear these segments daily at 11:56 a.m., starting on Monday, August 13. So WSB listeners fear not. I will still be on the air!

But let’s talk about the New Herman Cain Show.

We’re in a digital age, and within the past few months we’ve had overwhelming response broadcasting the opening segment of our radio show via Facebook Live. We want to expand that broadcast to the entire show, and making this move will allow us to do that. It also gives us the opportunity to take advantage of social media interaction with you, our listeners, in a way that the traditional radio format doesn’t allow.

Also, we want to consolidate everything my team and I offer in one place at, and this makes that possible. Between the Herman Cain Show and the timely columns we offer on the site from Dan, Rob and myself, you’ll have the best opportunity to keep up on what’s going on, and you can do it all in one place.

The show will still air at 11 a.m. Monday through Friday. The new format will be 45 minutes in length, with new features including a daily Pure Cain Perspective, Mail Bag to answer your questions, and video and audio posted daily and available 24/7.

So here’s what I need you to do: First, if you haven’t already, bookmark this site! You’ll want to visit it frequently throughout the day because we’re constantly updating it with fresh news items and commentaries. Second, make it an appointment to be with us on the site at 11 a.m. daily. You can leave comments via Facebook and I’ll respond to as many of them as possible during the final segment of the show.

I want to thank WSB and Cox for the opportunity I’ve had to be on the air for most of the past decade. It’s been a great ride. But it’s time to fully embrace the digital age and I’m very excited for this new adventure, which I know we’ll enjoy together. Let’s get it started!