Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker succeeds in proving Kavanaugh is against racial profiling

By Robert Laurie

I don’t know if the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to self-destruct, or if they’re just frazzled because they have no way to stop the Kavanaugh nomination.  Either way, they’re embarrassing themselves on a spectacular level. As Dan mentioned a few minutes ago, Cory Booker was really proud of himself for releasing some confidential emails that he thought were going to be some sort of bombshell aimed at the nominee.

You can watch some video of that here:

At one point during the proceedings Booker dared Republicans to throw him out, comparing himself to Spartacus in the process. If you’re wondering how that makes any sense, you’re not alone.  If Repubs had attempted to throw Booker out, and Kamala Harris jumped up and said “I am Corey Booker,” well, then you would have something akin to a Spartacus moment. What Booker did was just grandstanding or, as John Cornyn indicated, campaigning.

In the end, Booker released the confidential emails and succeeded in proving not only that he didn’t understand Spartacus, but that Brett Kavanaugh is against racial profiling:

Thank you for making this clear Senator Booker.

That is what’s known as a self-own.

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