VIDEO: Bill Maher launches sexist attack on NRA’s Dana Loesch . . . and she responds

By Dan Calabrese

Angie and I actually had a somewhat spirited discussion last night about whether Maher’s garbage was even worthy of Loesch’s response. There’s a school of thought that you don’t give trash like this more traction by responding to it and thus giving it more attention than it deserves.

I’ve always been of a different mind on that. Maher’s attack is going to get traction regardless of what Loesch does, especially in the social media age. If it goes unanswered, then at the very least Loesch has signaled by implication that there’s legitimacy to what he’s saying. Pile on top of that the fact that the attack is personal, catty and completely unrelated to the substance of what the NRA or the gun-grabbers advocate, and Maher also deserves the slap-down simply for being such a jerk.

Loesch does the right thing, and does it well:

There’s so much repugnant about what Maher does here, it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s leave aside the fact that, at least according to Loesch, what Maher described never actually happened.

So what if it did? Maher is in entertainment. He has his own show on HBO. And before that he had another one on Comedy Central. How did he get these shows? Didn’t he pitch them to someone? Or work with someone to do the same?

Why can’t Dana Loesch do the same thing if she wants to? Is this what everyone who wants to pursue an idea should expect from the likes of Bill Maher? If your idea is not accepted, not only will you have to deal with the rejection but you’ll be mocked on national television for having tried in the first place. Mr. Big Shot will sit there while he yelping co-hosts snicker at you and he’ll tell the world that you were given the finger by Hollywood, and intimate that Hollywood was righteous for treating you with such disdain.

As someone who has pursued many ideas in my career – some of them more successful than others – I know that one of the hardest things about trying to get an idea off the ground is dealing with the scoffing attitude of people enjoy dishing out derision. And that’s especially disgusting coming from someone like Maher. He got his in show business, and now he takes license to belittle everyone else who ever tried – at least if they’re a political opponent.

Aside from that, there’s simply no value here to what Maher offers up about Loesch. It doesn’t advance the gun control debate in any way. It doesn’t deal with anything of substance. It just holds up one of the players for mockery because, I guess, Twitter always needs new grist.

Occasionally Maher hits on something legitimate to talk about, but there’s a reason he has a reputation as a complete jerk. He is one.

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